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Just read about this in an interview somewhere this afternoon. Magazero is an internet shop for independent magazines. Not quite in the same space as Stack.

I love Magazero because they told me something I didn’t know — there’s a new issue of the excellent "speculative architecture" magazine P.E.A.R. Magazero is slowly expanding its stock, according to the interview I read on the phone at the pub… ah, here it is.

I believe that it is the richness and variety of the magazines that I stock that will bring success. My aim is to find magazines that are not really known or widely available, and to stock them. Then I have to bring them to the attention of potential buyers – that’s marketing. I take the view that there is a huge untapped market for magazines, and that work I undertake to bring mags to the attention of new buyers will be repaid.

I have an initial target of stocking 300 mags, which I think I’ll hit by the end of next year. It’s a slow business, but at the moment I am in the very early stages of building a system, a brand, customers, the lot. It can’t be done overnight – largely as each magazine has to be sourced separately.

If you decide to spend some money there, this coupon gets you 25% off until the end of September.

I suspect they will have some of my money this week.

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  1. Neilo Neilo

    I think you crashed Magazero, Mister Warren. Which is a shame because they have some lovely things to look at.

  2. Siananna Siananna

    Fascinating. Thanks for that Mr E.

  3. Hey, thanks for the traffic – t’riffic! Look forward to supplying you some wonderful mags over the coming years. There’s a lot of strange and wonderful stuff out there. Cheers, Ivan (Magazero)

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