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Looking For An MP3: Peter Blegvad, 1985

Dear Cultural Lazyweb:

I am still looking for an mp3 of “Special Delivery” by Peter Blegvad, and a very specific version. He did a version in 1985 that was released as a single on Virgin — I believe the same version was included on the 1985 album KNIGHTS LIKE THIS, but can’t swear to it.

This is NOT the version on JUST WOKE UP or any other. This is the 1985 version recorded on Virgin: a much bigger, multi-instrumental, backing-vocalsy kinda thing.

(And yes I’ve looked in Soulseek and Kazaa and every other bloody place.)

Please email said mp3 if you have it to warrene @ and surely store up great rewards in Valhalla etc etc.

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