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London Scheming Day 1

My day was actually similar to:



(I have no credits for the shot. Please add them in comments if you know.)

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  1. Some days you have to say Fuck it and jump in feet first with an orangoutang.

  2. That damned orang friend of Kevin Smith’s sure gets around.

  3. James James

    Where do you go from there? I mean your life is going to be totally complete after a stunt like that, isn’t it?

  4. Ross Ross

    Crikey blimey, sweet lord of the ape-children.

    It’s my ad! It’s from an ad agency wot I worked at a while back. Yes. It’s an ad. Sorry guv. It’s for a waxing studio. They wanted men to get waxed (in a hair removal sense). Hence monkey’s ‘n chicks ‘n shame tactics. Lateral, huh.

    Here’s the credits:

    Agency – Batey.
    Creative Director – Pablo Monzon.
    Copywriter – Ross Fowler (c’est moi, innit).
    Art Director – Mark Bamfield.
    The photographer is a talented gent by the name of Jean LePrini –

    There’s two more in the campaign. Have a ganders if you’re really frikkin bored –

    If your day really was a lot like that, I’d be interested to know who the other naked chick was and whether the both of you were reprimanded for being naked in charge of a monkey.

    cheers guv

  5. Alastair Campbell Alastair Campbell

    me on the right

  6. greggvl greggvl

    @Ross: “reprimanded for being naked in charge of a monkey”

    “Have a seat please, Mr. Arthur. Now there’s a matter we need to discuss, I’m afraid.”
    “Is this about the Section 102.7 infraction?”
    “Yes, yes. The old ‘Regulations Regarding Employee Leadership of Simian Contract Labor’ denuded worker clause. Now, off the record, Jimmy, I want you to know that I voted against this one here back in ’78. I know the thrill of being naked and having a monkey in your charge. It’s like God Himself has just created you, and you walk the Garden of Eden without shame or knowledge of sin. The whole of Creation swells in your pendulous testicles. It’s as if the entire world has been torn asunder, drowned and then burned, and you stand ready to make Life anew. Pains me to have to enforce this one here and now, but my hands are simply tied.”
    “I understand, sir.”
    “Very good. Consider yourself officially reprimanded, Mr. Arthur.”
    “Yes, sir.”
    “Take care now.”
    “I will sir.”
    “Oh and how’s the wife?”
    “Very good sir.”
    “That’s good.”

  7. Ben Ben

    This makes me wish that somewhere there is this orangutang that enjoys a daily brisk swim with two naked ladies.

    Probably right before he has some waffles and is then off to his day job of haunting my dreams.

  8. Clinton Clinton

    That’s one lucky orangutan.

  9. Richard C. Richard C.

    Do orangutans float?

  10. k paul blume k paul blume

    That IS you on the right, yeh? In which case, you might think about shaving your back…

  11. Anonymous Anonymous

    one lucky orangutan…

    Didn’t I see this on a zoophilia site…?

    Best. Furry. Costume. EVAH!!!

    Why do I feel that this will end up as an image in one of Warren’s future comics?!?

    rodent (putting the eek in geek)

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