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Links for 2010-11-18

  • Tiger-Stone: Paving Machine
    "Tiger-Stone is a Dutch made paving machine that uses gravity and an electric motor to print stone and brick roads. It?s a six meter wide machine that is capable of laying 300 square meters of road a day. The printing width is adjustable from the width of a road to as narrow as a bike lane or walkway. "
    (tags:tech cities )
  • Space scientists develop new breed of space vehicle
    "Scientists and engineers at the internationally acclaimed Space Research Centre at the University of Leicester are developing a conceptual motor design for a Mars 'hopping' vehicle which should lead to a greater understanding of the 'Red Planet'." MARSHOPPER. MOONHOPPER.
    (tags:space tech )
  • BBC News – The secrets of Britain’s abandoned villages
    "The ghosts of thousands of long-forgotten villages haunt Britain, inhabitations suddenly deserted and left to ruin. As a new campaign begins to shed further light on these forgotten histories, the Magazine asks – what happened and why?"
    (tags:history )
  • Earthrid
    "Earthrid releases unusual electronic music, without pursuing any genre. It was established in 2001 to promote the work of selected artists and therefore has an infrequent release schedule. It is not a traditional record label and is not part of the ?record industry?. We increasingly offer free MP3 downloads in addition to high-quality, low-cost CDs for those who, like us, still like that format."
    (tags:music )
  • Announcing Personal Factory 4 (now with 3D printing)
    "Today we bring you Personal Factory 4 to make it even easier for you to buy, sell and make custom goods online, with or without design skills. Personal Factory 4 is the world?s only personal making system to instantly price your custom projects using a combination of 2D and 3D digital making technologies and open-source electronics hardware. With no setup fees and no minimum order sizes, you can now make custom electronic gadgets, homeware, fashion and furniture in the comfort of your home ? and sell them to the world."
    (tags:tech )

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