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Links for 2010-05-24

  • Twitter?s Most Influential Users [INFOGRAPHIC]

    (tags:web )

  • Flickr group
    "I was recently told about a fantastic new hauntology Flickr group. Loads of cool educational/public service graphics and print ephemera. Check it out, it's super cool."
    (tags:hauntology )
  • RADIOPHONIC MONTH: Paradise found
    "I like John Milton, I like radio drama and I like the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, so I'm quite fond of the Radio 4 version of 'Paradise Lost' with music and effects by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop."
    (tags:music )
  • Innocent AGM Cam ? The Science Bit
    It?s Saturday morning, and I?m remotely watching a policeman walk along Goldhawk Road taken by a man wearing a climbing helmet with an iPhone sellotaped to the front. More specifically, I?m at Innocent?s AGM, loitering around to make sure that the headcam we built stays working. And it seems to be so far.
    (tags:sousveillance )

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