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Links for 2010-04-25

  • Spotify: David Stutz – Lolet :: Music From The Wor..
    SPOTIFY-ONLY LINK: stream of "IOLET – Music From The World Of Anathem." Inspired by the ANATHEM novel, obv. Gregorian/Tuvan fusion. If you have mp3s, email me at!
    (tags:music )
  • Fringe Biology Recordings
    "Synthetic Biology is a soundtrack to a synthetic biology film in outer space. This album travels through sci-fi jazz, avant rock, electronic soundscapes, ambient textures, and nightmare industrial collages. Synthetic biology is the artificial introduction of DNA from different organisms into a host organism to program cells for a particular function. The music emphasizes this juxtaposition of natural and artificial elements that are in competition with one another and continuously evolving. This album uses the following musical instruments: Kaossilator, Mandala percussion, Buddha Machine, Kaoss Pad 2, 3-stringed zither, MIDI instruments, sampler, electronic drums, and natural recordings. The artwork includes colorful stills from this imaginary synthetic biology film."
    (tags:music )
  • The Grande Armée Invades Russia
    "Charles Joseph Minard was a mathematician, a civil engineer, and a pioneer in the field of information graphics; his most famous work is the above chart, which he created in 1869. It tells the tale of Napoleon's disastrous invasion of Russia in 1812…"
    (tags:history dataviz )

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