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Links for 2010-02-10

  • Robot to take starring roles in S.Korea plays
    A South Korean-developed robot that played to acclaim in "Robot Princess and the Seven Dwarfs" is set for more leading theatre roles this year, a scientist said Wednesday.
  • Simon Reynolds / Hardly Baked
    "boredom now — it's a super-saturated, overloaded boredom i think."
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  • Pocket Utopias
    There were two striking elements to this part of the story for me: first, that cities and urban life were thought to cause or exacerbate madness, and second the conscious utopianism of asylum design. The anti-urban taint to the philosphy behind the hospitals is interesting. And as the asylums are total environments ? in contrast to other 19th-century institutional buildings, such as prisons, schools and workhouses, they provide for every aspect and stage of a person's life ? there is unparalleled scope for turning them into little models of a perfect world, a ?pocket utopia?. With that in mind, it's possible to see in greater detail their appeal to 19th-century social reformers.
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