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Links for 2010-01-26

  • 20 best: Minimal Wave | FACT magazine: music and art
    "Most of the Minimal Wave bands recorded in their home studios and created their own album artwork, which naturally paved the way for a D.I.Y. aesthetic to emerge. Generally, the musicians were influenced by avant-garde movements such as futurism and constructivism as well as by the literature of science fiction and existentialism. They had an innovative, unique approach to music-making…"
    (tags:music )
  • Spasers set to sum: A new dawn for optical computing – tech – 25 January 2010 – New Scientist
    "Dubbed a "spaser", this minuscule lasing object is the latest by-product of a buzzing field known as nanoplasmonics. Just as microelectronics exploits the behaviour of electrons in metals and semiconductors on micrometre scales, so nanoplasmonics is concerned with the nanoscale comings and goings of entities known as plasmons that lurk on and below the surfaces of metals…" SPASERS! NANOPLASMONICS! fapfapfapfap
    (tags:sci tech )

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