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Links for 2009-12-08

  • Global Guerrillas: JOURNAL: Fighting an Automated Bureaucracy
    "When the Taliban arrive in a village, I discovered, it takes 96 hours for an Army commander to obtain necessary approvals to act."
    (tags:war )
  • California gives green light to space solar power – space – 08 December 2009 – New Scientist
    "On Thursday, the California Public Utilities Commission gave its blessing to an agreement that would see the Pacific Gas and Electric Company buy 200 megawatts of power beamed down from solar-power satellites beginning in 2016. A start-up company called Solaren is designing the satellites, which it says will use radio waves to beam energy down to a receiving station on Earth."
    (tags:space )
  • UK man fears cult leader release
    "Mehdi Zand, leader of the World of Yaad, a cult which claims to hold the secret to everlasting life, was jailed along with members Francesco Zand and Mohammed ?Javad? Kashefi for a total of 11 years, after attacking the restaurant owner and his business partner.[…] ?Mehdi Zand said to me, ?you have betrayed your god of 20 years?, then he ordered the others to kill me.?"
    (tags:cult crime )
  • Raelian leader from Iran seeks asylum in Turkey
    "With their libertarian attitude to sex, and their belief that humans were created by extra-terrestrials, Raelians inevitably fall foul of the religious authorities in Iran. The crime of apostasy ? rejecting religious faith ? carries the death penalty there, and supporters of Negar Azizmoradi say that is what will happen to her if the Turkish government sends her back to Iran."
    (tags:cult )
  • BBC News – Nasa tests Aberdeenshire find for life on Mars clues
    "Macaulayite is only believed to exist at a quarry at the foot of Bennachie in Aberdeenshire. Researchers think it could be the same mineral which gives the planet its red colour. "
    (tags:space geo )

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