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Links for 2009-10-14

  • British scientists develop ‘brain to brain communication’ – Telegraph
    "The system, developed by a team at the University of Southampton, is said to be the first technology that would allow people to send thoughts, words and images directly to the minds of others, particularly people with a disability. It has also been hailed as the future of the internet, which would provide a new way to communicate without the need for keyboards and telephones. "
    (tags:sci tech neuro )
  • ‘Magnetricity’ observed for first time – physics-math – 14 October 2009 – New Scientist
    "The magnetic equivalent of electricity, dubbed "magnetricity", has been demonstrated experimentally for the first time. Just as the flow of electrons produces electrical current, individual north and south magnetic poles have been observed to roam freely, generating magnetic "current". The result could lead to the development of "magnetronics", including nano-scale computer memory." Also, a thing called SPIN ICE.
    (tags:sci tech nano weird )

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