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Links for 2009-10-02

  • Internet Archive: Free Download: [S27-023] theAudiologist – Question Everything

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  • PHTC019 / L’eau du robinet – God is a Hippie
    "L?eau du robinet AKA Cristopher Pokora is a Poland-based producer exploring actually the musical fields between jazzy dope beats and exotic collage sample puzzles. The work presented here ? is like a sunday afternoon visit to some open-field spot, where you can breathe some fresh air while collecting some insects ? forget the mirage. Cristopher have is own personal universe growing out is mind"
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  • Internet Archive: Free Download: cl-026 | Burdeos – Unicorns, Saigas, Narwhals And Another Space Stories
    "An incredible journey through the Milky Way, the only goal is to cross it
    from one end to the other. Through this journey many problems are incounted,
    Burdeos returns 24 years older and without his fellow missionaries. Life
    in space is harsh, but has its rewards. Getting into situations only replicants
    can understand, terrestrial animal species found in distant planets of the Solar
    System, hear the cry of an intergalactic whale while coming home …
    Return only to go back. Space is the goal"
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  • AVENTUEL :: Atmospheric music
    "The human brain conceals in itself many secrets. Due to evident synaptic communications between neurons, the science knows only some processes in our brain. But there is also an interaction with part of the world hidden from our eyes. Nevertheless, it influences on our mentality and life as a whole. "Synaptic Necropolis" is a try to throw light on lost secret knowledge, which has been known to our ancestors."
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