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links for 2006-06-22


  1. Paul Paul

    Of course, the flip side of a neural reward system for novelty is boredom.

  2. Hagay Hagay

    Of course, Temple Grandin makes the claim that it’s the search for novelty animales (And people)
    enjoy, and not the actuall “reward” of understanding.

    “…We have many proofs to the claim cocain triggers the brain Search Center, not the Pleasure
    Center…That part of the brain begins “To fire” when an animale sees a sign food is coming,
    but STOPS when it sees the actuall food.” The pleasure of searching might be explained
    in terms of evolution. Animales which enjoy searching for new things have a better chance to

    (“Animales in translation” Pages 99-100 in the Hebrew Language Edition).

    I enjoy that theory more then the idea of novelty as a drug:)

  3. Of course, Rapebear can’t be stopped by tazers, whistles, or pepper spray. He’s a bear.

  4. gav gav

    what’s going on with all the amazon gubbins on the main page?

  5. Damian Damian

    yeah. read the RapeBear story yesterday. Doubt if it’s real but hillarious none the less. We did get Snakes On A Plane so it wouldn’t suprise me.

  6. Neeb Neeb

    Somewhere, Stephen Colbert is building a bunker.

    Seriously, can ‘Rapebear’ be any worse than X-Men 3?

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