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links for 2006-05-21


  1. I’m going to Hell just so I can kick Pat Robertson’s ass!

  2. Maciej G. Maciej G.

    God, I have seen Izo in a movie thetre. It was waaay too long.

  3. I love Takeshi Miike’s films. They’re always wonderfully put together, challenging, and best of all, interesting. Oh, and after watching Visitor Q, I don’t think anything in any film will ever shock me again!

  4. RMC RMC

    Have none of Pat Robertson’s followers noticed the exceptionally violent hurricane’s that have been spanking down for the past 2 or 3 years? Maybe God will tip him off about global warming next. Or the fossil record.

  5. bob bob

    Apparently God likes to make safe predictions. He would never clue Robertson in to the fossil record, though- the “fossil record” is just a secular humanist fabrication, don’t you know.

    I’m guessing that ol’ Pat just read a news magazine of some sort, and discovered that not only are we at the beginning of a hurricane cycle but that there are fault lines on the west coast, and he just had to make a ‘prediction’ to capitalize on any future misery. How somebody this transparent and evil (he’s a good buddy/business partner of Charles Taylor) actually still has followers is beyond me.

  6. Andy Andy

    I thought Gawd put the fossil record there to test our faith?

  7. Maybe it’s about time someone assasinates HIM. Fucking looney.

  8. Ken Ken

    I’m a prankster God!

  9. Yeah, we here in the PNW are just all a-quiver over Rev. Pat’s uncanny prescience. Potential
    for a tsunami-spawning earthquake? Who woulda thunk it? Not us. Nope. Never in a million

    Evidentally, God only speaks through certifiable idiots!

  10. Peter Fries Peter Fries

    The best part of Robertson’s revelation was his qualifier, “If I heard Him correctly,” implying that God either mumbles or has some sort of speech impediment.

  11. Well, when Seattle is inundated in several million cubic feet of Chili con Carne falling
    from the sky, Rev. Pat will be able to say, “Huh, guess God didn’t say ‘tsunami’ after all”.

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