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Light Art Performance Photography

I usually find light-drawing fairly dull. But LAPP have evolved the form into something that’s generating some pretty interesting images. Also, I’m greatly admiring the composition. More (and links to larger) images, and text, at the link. But look at these:

LAPP originates on a real-time basis directly in front of the camera. Created between opening and closing the shutter. The pictures shown here are in each case one single photo, not a result of working on the computer…





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  1. Mal Mal

    That last one is fucking lovely.

  2. I agree. The last one is phenomenal. I also like the third one. Just the concept of some glowing ornate orb, sitting in a barn somewhere..,even though that’s just a collection of moving lights.

  3. looks like videogames intruding on reality = alright by me.

  4. These guys are awesome. They are featured in my current documentary about light painting. We traveled to Europe and interviewed many of the top light painters including Jan and Jorge of LAPP. I can tell you that they are fantastic artists and crazy fun to work with. You can check out some info I have written about them at
    if you want some more info. including pics from our visit with them.

    We also spent time with Michael Bosanko


    matt crawford

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