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“Lexical Darknet”

My clever friend hep just told me something interesting that I didn’t know.

on irc to hide channels, we often make channels after patching our unicode so you can do things like katakana and cyrillic letters. then most irc clients can’t even read the chans if they are unpatched (tho modern GUIs often can). some people even patch their ircs to read color codes so that you could join a channel named a block of colored text.

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  1. Dr. Dirlewanger Dr. Dirlewanger

    Isn’t it easier to just set the channel to secret or invite only or password protect it? I don’t see why anyone would need to do anything more than that.

    Setting up shop on some obscure network no one ever visits would also work.

  2. Certain circles have been setting up SILC servers on home DSL lines, virtual machines running at hosting providers, and boxen under desks at work for quite a few years now.

    I wonder if it’s possible to write a web applications that can handle IRC-over-HTTPS…

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