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  1. Mick Mick

    “I don’t care if they have never committed a crime, atheists are the reason crime is rampant”

    That’s brilliant. It really is.

  2. “Get off of our country”?

    I bet atheists are also the reason abuse of grammar is rampant.

  3. Warren Brown Warren Brown

    I love that title for the letter. You just know the original was “God has spoken to me!!!” or something, and the editor went and changed it to “Reader voices strong opinion on atheists” because it was that or “Batshit crazy lady spews shit from mouth. Continued on A12!”

  4. Jay Jay

    Soldotna, huh? Not surprising.

    There is a good deal of religious and politicial conservatism in rural Alaska right now.

    Odds are, that person is probably married to some distant cousin that she got knocked up by in high school, sits around the house and has nothing better to do than write angry letters to the editor in the Anchorage Daily News. I know the type; I went to school with them.

    That useless pile of skin Ted “the internet is a series of tubes” Stevens is one of their illustrious Senators.

  5. james james

    lets just keep fishing

  6. Some days I love my home … some days my home shows up on blogs because my home likes to make an ass out of itself (whether it’s that the internet is a series of tubes or that our Governor used Homeland Security funds to buy an expensive jet or that whole ANWR hoopla) and I hang my head in shame and try to remember that there are good folks here and not just a bunch of raving psychotics.

    This sort of crap is also why I don’t read the paper. Bunch of eejits.

  7. atheists are the reason crime is rampant!
    Which explains the overabundance of atheist inmate groups in the U.S. prison system.

  8. Shannon, I love your idea. I’m all in favor of getting me out of this country. I assume that you and all of the True Believers will help convince other nations to take in all of us Hellbound Nonbelievers? (I fear it won’t be easy; if I were Canadian, for example, I might have very mixed feelings about what a Purified America might get up to. You can convince them though, Alice, I know you can!)

  9. Marc Manzo Marc Manzo


  10. “We’ve got both kinds of music, Country AND Western”

  11. pat pat

    I am totally with Matt. I think this lady has a fantastic idea. However, it is just not in my funds right now. If they can find it in their Christian hearts to pay for my flights, shipping, housing and maybe even setting me up with a job, I would love to go.

  12. Jim Jim

    I don’t know if I believe in you, God, but if you do exist, thank you for this woman. She makes my heart smile.

  13. Chris Roudiez Chris Roudiez

    “you can believe in God in any way you want (Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, etc.)”
    This is greatest part of the letter, because you can tell that it honestly doesn’t occur to her that there are other religions besides Christianity practiced in the US. Also as I was copying the quote I typed it “believe in any god you want” forgetting that there is obviously only on God (capital “g”) that you are allowed to believe in.

  14. Brandon Brandon

    I’m amused how all us Alaskans who read Warren’s site all felt the need to shake our heads in the comment section here. I know I did.

    People like that are one of the reasons I left Alaska, and moved to Portland.

  15. I’ve just got in from a 24 hour stand up comedy gig and thats the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

  16. AF AF

    True, her theology is way off. True, she’s being a jerk and being ignorant,, and is wildly misled.

    Yet I find it funny people condemn her for being judgmental, yet everyone here is judging her. Where does that get us?

    Not condoning anything she wrote, of course. Just…humans are funny.

  17. Mick Mick

    Condemn? For judging? All I see are people laughing at her for being batshit crazy.

  18. brandi brandi

    oh geez people!! this is like saying that god only exsits in america and the rest of the world is satanic!! you think god is proud of greed and self worship? how do you find the time to worship god when your so busy trying to act like him? its not that hard to just support fellow man whether right or wrong. we all came from the same place my friend.

  19. Myk Myk

    I grew up in Texas an atheist and I remember how awkward it always made me feel. Back in elementary school we always had these morning “moments of silence” where you could always see all these kids muttering to a deity and if you didnt mutter you would look like an outsider. Twas an uncomfortable time (completely unlike all my other years of formal education, hehe).

  20. For years I was “on” America – but then I got help, and now I’m TOTALLY off it.

  21. Lucio Lucio

    Lets just keep fishing!

  22. Rick Rick

    Warren, there is only one solution. You must seize control of Britain’s nuclear arsenal and put us all out of our misery. (Though a bit of warning to your loyal fans might be useful to keep up your future sales….)

  23. Angie Angie

    That is so precious.

  24. The watermark says otherwise there bub.

    You can find it without the watermark on the original post at MCS, just search for atheist, it’s currently the first return.

  25. Owen Owen

    “Lets just keep fishing.” should become an atheist webslogan. Our own little in-joke that we tell ourselves to brighten the dark moments of our outcast lives in society. So we don’t rely on the only light as the one coming from the torches of the mob outside our doors. Who’s with me and my heavy handed metaphors!

  26. In America, a lot of atheists tend to be heavily armed. “I think therefore I carry.”

  27. It pains me to say that this lady is ignorant. I’m sure you all would agree. That being the case, we as thinking individuals should ask why she is ignorant, and find a God-damned solution to it. (pun intended.. i’m chuckling inside)

  28. Rob Rob

    A great indication of the kind of town this is is the fact that you can clearly recognize Gary Trudeau’s Doonesbury on the left of the image. Any town that has to put Trudeau’s mildly center lefti-ish work on the editorial page, as too opinionated, has definitely got some issues.

  29. Parkaboy Parkaboy

    “to practice what can only be called evil.”
    Well, miss Shannon, we prefer to call it reasoneable, or accountable, or at least, sane.

    Atheists, hear me! Let’s get off Earth! This place is overrated anyway. Let’s go fish on the newly discovered seas of hydrocarbon in Titan, Saturn.

  30. Spike-X Spike-X

    It’s people like this woman who make me wish I was an atheist.

  31. Paul H Paul H

    It’s easy to write people like this off as “crazies” who won’t make a difference, but this basic point of view is still far too popular amongst the general population. The people who will actually say it out loud are more nuts than the rest nowadays, but it hasn’t been that long since this kind of language was acceptable – didn’t George H. Bush say something along the lines of “Atheists can’t be Americans” when he was President?

  32. Chris Chris


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