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  1. Jesus, that is a whole lot of awesome. And also, and this is no snark, I think she’d make a disturbingly good Joker. Because all I think about is BATMAN™.

  2. Awesome vid. :D

    @Billy: It’s funny you mention her as The Joker–one of my friends made a web-comic with that idea in mind. :D

  3. i love this album so much

  4. Charlie Charlie

    It saddens me somewhat that your blog is the first I had ever heard of this woman. She is made of awesome and fantastic. Just made of it.

  5. Meg Meg

    Awesome, finally! I was one of the extras in this and have been dying to see the finished video since!

    @Billy If they ever do Thrillkillers (sadly unlikely), I vote Amanda plays Blanche! The resemblance is uncanny.

  6. Julianna Julianna

    What? This has been going on and no-one told me? I actually saw a great burlesque act to “Missed Me” last year, but didn’t know who did the music.

  7. This is fantastic stuff. I only heard about it last night, but the song’s clear quality is only improved by its references to Super Leeds.

  8. Christoph Christoph

    As a Dresden Dolls fan this somehow really disappoints me.

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