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  1. el_randall el_randall

    I’ll bet one of those Storm Troopers is purple alien woman under the suit,
    she better look out, Kirk is going to bang her proper!
    All hail Kirk’s libito!!!

  2. Maury Maury

    I wonder… was he singing at the time?

  3. maxim maxim

    You know it just occurred to me both Warren Ellis and Bill Shatner have a thing for spoken word albums. They both have deep roots in Sci Fi. I sense a collaboration coming on…..

  4. just having this on your site is enough to make me want to have millions of your babies.

  5. el_randall el_randall

    So long as Warren doesn’t expect William to share his purple bitches.
    Never, ever cross Shatner when pussy is involved!
    Sorry internet Jesus, my apologies.

  6. maxim maxim

    What about Warren and Bill teaming up for a Tek graphic Novel? I sense a lot of possibilities here….

  7. Ahh purple bitches…any episode that Kirk vs Space Hookers was a good one!

  8. How does a woman like Katie West make a grown straight man not want to lay a finger on her?

    Just like that, folks. Because you know she’d be thinking of Shatner the whole time.

  9. damnedyankee damnedyankee

    How sad… it’s like they know their respective franchises are over and they’re being carried off into history.

    Shatner, of course, has to be dragged kicking and screaming, God bless him.

  10. M. E. Hepler M. E. Hepler

    It’s a metaphor for dignity right? By the way, I believe Shatner and Ben Folds teamed up on an album a few years ago that might not suck. Don’t take my word on that, just think it over before purchasing.

  11. They RAPED “Common People” by Pulp on said album. I mean, left it for dead and squirting.

  12. Sarah So Sarah So

    That’s my favorite Shatner photo of all time. I have to say though, that I really respect the guy. He’s completely aware of how the public portrays him and he plays up to it willingly. I think that’s awesome.

  13. If I’m not mistaken, the five Stormtroopers on the left are about to batter the rightmost Stormtrooper with a William Shatner.

    He suspects nothing.

    There’s a Stormtrooper we can’t see, recording the whole thing on his mobile phone.

    When will this plague of Happy-Shatnering end?

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  15. Christian O. Christian O.

    He’s completely aware of how the public portrays him and he plays up to it willingly. I think that’s awesome. ”

    Exactly why I adore him again. Reminds me of that “Where No Fan Has Gone Before” episode on Futurama.

  16. M. E. Hepler M. E. Hepler

    Good Lord, thirty seconds of that on itunes was enough!

  17. The album he did with Ben Folds was classic. Everyone should get it.

  18. Chris Chris

    The Folds/Shatner collaboration is worth it just to hear Shatner scream “I CAN’T GET BEHIND A FAT ASS!” on a duet with Henry Rollins. And I thought the version of common people was awesome.

  19. Andy Andy

    You people obviously aren’t thinking strange enough.

    I postulate that Shatner and Ellis are the same person.

    Have you ever seen the two of them in the same place? Well HAVE you?

  20. Shatner wasn’t cool until he was old. Because crazy OLD people are adored and respected, whereas crazy people are just crazy.

    Hail the Shat. (And yes, his latest album was actually damn good).

  21. Thank.


  22. Alfredo Alfredo

    This pic makes me smile.

  23. Rob Rob

    Third Star Wars related post in so many hours? Somebody has Star wars on the mind and needs to write a one shot to get it out.

  24. You know, I actually prefer the Shatner version of Common People. Sure it’s horribly over-produced, and the spoken word aspect… actually, the original is over-produced, and Jarvis Cocker is practically speaking the song anyway… forget it, they’re equal.

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