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Laurenn McCubbin Prints For A Lousy Fifty Yanqui Dollar

Go to the Jan 17th entry at Laurenn McCubbin’s website, and you’ll see links to shots of six different prints that she still has copies of, sold framed for a mere $50. You want to buy one. If for no other reason than that the time when you can buy a framed Laurenn McCubbin print for $50 is fading fast. Even I will have to pay just to speak to her by this time next year.

Detail from one:

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  1. Andrew Diroll Andrew Diroll

    I’ve been trying to convince my agents in the Bay area to scarf up some of her work for months. Cant’ get them off theirl lazy arses and find me a copy of kitchen sink or anything. Insufferable lot.

    Now I have to bribe them with candy and guilt to buy me a print. The shame of it all.

  2. Plug One
    I like these guys, and if you hadn’t heard of them it’s because of the overzealous press release that …

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