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Last Post Of The Week

Aside from the Night Music that will fire around 3am.  And the SPEKTRMODULE I’m hoping to produce at the weekend.

Anyway, I wrote this earlier:

I keep thinking I should do another “minimal web serial” on my site, late at night, to bookend SCATTERLANDS (which runs in the early PM).

Because I seem to have four minutes in each day where I’m not already doing something, apparently.

And, monstrously, the more I think about it, the more I suspect I like the idea.  Which means I must be crazy.  But there is a certain appeal to messing around with content and the expectations of a “blog.”  A (god so ugly) word that’s become both malleable and meaningless as the net moves away from them towards streams and other things.

This, however, is home base.  I don’t set up the control room on other people’s services.

(I want a Control Room so badly.  Also I think my next office chair should be a Cybersyn.)

I’m also oddly fond of the term “minimal web serial” tonight.  When thinking about something (week-) daily, I’d never really consider anything more than the single panel strip.  At most, I’d maybe think about the single “screen” Greg & Rick do on LADY SABRE (the collection of which you can still buy into on Kickstarter – I have an entirely different revenue stream process for Minimal Web Serials hahaha, but I love what they’ve put together).  No more than that. 

Something probably very different from SCATTERLANDS, which is funtime stuff.  Something more suited to posting at just past midnight.

If the notion amuses anyone, you can get me at (eventually).

Right.  My four minutes are up.  I’m going to post control-room porn to Tumblr and get back to work.

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