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Digitalis Recordings say of Keijo:

Keijo hails from Jyväskylä, Finland – a small town in the north that claims to be the center of the universe. In the sprawling Finnish underground, Keijo is the wise sage who everyone admires. In his 52 years, he has travelled the world twice and seen his share of turmoil. He was nearly killed in a motorcycle accident and still bears a metal plate in his skull as a constant reminder. But these experiences have been essential in shaping the sound world he constructs with his fingertips.

Through the fine Digitalis, I obtained a copy of Keijo’s limited edition EP “Palla, Blown From Here.” It’s a strange and wonderful thing; tranced, stranged-out and complex acoustic compositions sung in a combination vocal style that moves between folk and Tuvan throat singing. The following mp3 link is good for seven days:

Keijo – “Palla, With The Cattle.”

Digitalis have sold out of the EP, but a quick look on Google shows that some other retailers seem to have it.

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