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John’s Phone

This amuses me no end.

John’s Phone is the most simple mobile phone. Just call and hang up. John’s Phone is easy for anywhere, anytime. Finally a separate unit with no frills and conditions. A simlock free phone with large keys, an address book, a pen and over three weeks of standby time.



The phone equivalent of, say, the Muji bag. Or, perhaps, this:


Plus, you know, Lego.

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  1. Wow! Way cool, way flexible, and way useful! Plus, incredibly straight-forward.

  2. I want one of those phones! Where can I get one in the USA?

  3. Don Hilliard Don Hilliard

    About damn time. Some time back, my best friend’s 80+-year-old father thought it would be a good idea to get a cell phone for the first time in his life. He wound up taking it back the store three days later, frustrated as hell – and this man is neither senile nor a dullard, just very used to decades of “pick up receiver, dial (or press) 7 to 11 digits, talk to person on other end of wire.” There’s nothing like the John’s Phone in the US, except for one tiny company with a simlocked and non-competitively priced service (‘cos, y’know, all those old people are wealthy.)

    And for my own part, though I don’t have a problem navigating the average cell phone…some months back, on the scout for a new phone, I went to Nokia’s web shop. It doesn’t (or didn’t at the time) let you into the shop without trying to “help” you with the preliminary question, “What do you most want in your phone? A)Camera B)Internet C)Music D)Texting”, and so forth for numerous items, not one of which was MAKING FUCKING PHONE CALLS (nor the obvious corollaries HEARING/BEING HEARD BY THE PERSON I’M CALLING.) While I don’t necessarily want or need something as simple as the John’s Phone, I think the major phone manufacturers are rapidly losing sight of the primary purpose of a phone.

  4. Alex Alex

    Oh God, I want one. The only thing that would make this phone any more awesome is if it was a rotary. (note: I just deleted a full paragraph rant about iPhone hatred.)

  5. My parents could really use something like this.

  6. BReed BReed

    Why would I get one of these instead of a Nokia 1100? It’s a monochrome candybar, and can (some models) be spoofed to receive calls and texts from other numbers, which means they can be used to make fraudulent phone-based bank transfers. Other models just have a flashlight.

  7. Just perfect.

    Any way to buy this in Europe?

  8. kmcleod kmcleod

    I also liked the VIDEO for ALBUM.

  9. Val A Lindsay II Val A Lindsay II

    It needs a no-frills plan to along with it…

  10. Heinz Heinz

    THIS is my type of phone. Where do I get one?

  11. Peyton Manning Peyton Manning

    Oh ye gods of simplicity! I need to get one for my mom, who is frustrated by all the features on her cell phone she doesn’t want nor will ever use.

    All she needs is a cell phone with easy-to-use buttons and good reception.

  12. Tom_Tomorrow Tom_Tomorrow

    reminds me of the CincoPhone from Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job!

  13. Abdullah K. Abdullah K.

    Doesn’t DORO manufacture such phones? i have to admit the pen is a nice touch, but these things have been selling here in Sweden for at least three years now (popular too, due to large percentage of elderly)

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