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Also, as Paul Di Filippo notes, “it’s a Ribofunk world.” Because Italian doctors have built the world’s first biotech vagina:

So far, two patients lacking vaginas because of a rare malformation have been helped to grow ones, using stem cells taken from their own bodies.

Vaginal tissue was grown from the cells and surgically grafted into the women’s groins at Rome’s Umberto I university hospital. In the first case, a 28-year-old woman received 0.3 square centimetres of mucous membrane a year ago and has since grown a vagina. She has married and is “in good health,” doctors said Wednesday.

The second case involved a 17-year-old woman who was operated on Tuesday. Doctors said she was progressing well and 99% of the mucous-membrane strip had grafted.

Five years from now? Biotech vagina case-mods on Boing Boing. I’m telling you.

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