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Infoporn: WHITECHAPEL Numbers

Whitechapel, as I imagine most of you know, is my online community, created in support of the FREAKANGELS webcomic. Every couple of months, Ariana and I get around to looking at traffic on the site, and this time she generated this infographic. Sometimes a bit of transparency about numbers can be interesting, so:


That’s two months’ worth of traffic. I think (and I’ll correct this later if need be) the big number at the top is mostly people who’ve deeplinked in to access a particular page from a blog, twitter post or search result, and then left again.

Bear in mind that this is a spread of two months: 15 visits is popping in twice a week. Fifty or sixty visits, you’re in the ballpark of a daily stop-in. From that point down, Whitechapel basically owns your soul. I think the spread in the top half of the graphic is very interesting, though.

Everyone knows that the condition of the messageboard/online-community is Not What It Was. Also, Whitechapel is not an explicitly comics-centric place: it’s built for FREAKANGELS readers, but in general comics-related stuff really kind of flounders there a bit, and most people seem to be talking about everything but comics. If anything, I’d really like it to be more diverse. My previous boards had some kind of activist or ideological intent, but Whitechapel was always intended as really just an open bar. (WEF was Waiting For The Great Leap Forward, The Engine was There Is Power In A Union, and Whitechapel is, I dunno, A13 Trunk Road To The Sea…)

(Eight people just got that joke. In the world.)

Anyway. Numbers.

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  1. Nah, we’re all Billy Bragg fans here.

  2. Oddly, Billy is playing in the background right as I read this.
    (‘Here Comes Richard’. Not shre what kind of board that’d be…)

  3. Shara Shara

    If there were prizes for catching Billy Bragg references, well, I’d have a lot of prizes. Of course, BB fans are all so weird and fannish that catching the reference is a prize of delighted smuggery all in and of itself.

  4. mds mds

    I was just thinking, “…and seven of those eight follow this site.”

  5. Whitechapel is high signal to low noise mostly.

    I say mostly and I expect that jinxes it.

  6. Andy Andy

    Because of the nature of what I do, my IP address changes almost daily. So a lot of those 1-3 guys are probably me. Not sure if this relevant for enough for anyone else to affect the stats, but there it is.

  7. 5th of the 8, here. I’m not looking for a new England, just looking for the other three…

  8. 5th of the 8 here. I’m not looking for a new England, just looking for the other three.

  9. Been very busy lately so I think I’ve visited around 10 times in the last two months, which is quite a drop from last year, when I was annoying people there almost daily. Seems like no matter what metric I turn up in, it’s a small minority.

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