May 16th, 2012: Post #14028

I do like a bit of cosmic, and Giant Claw’s brilliantly named CLASH OF MOONS fires a huge information-rich pink laser of it.  Or, perhaps, a radiophonic burst from beyond space.  Either way, it’s a perfectly nice way to close out the night.  G’night. Clash of Moons by Giant Claw

CLOSEDOWN: Disemballerina

May 15th, 2012: Post #14043

What is the sound of being locked in a box, being transported to a bleak riverside, being gently slid into the river, sinking to the bottom and then being slowly enfolded by cold black waters, closing your eyes, opening them again some endless time later, realising you are conscious but not breathing, finding yourself in [...]

CLOSEDOWN: Nicholas Szczepanik

April 6th, 2012: Post #13889

See you on Monday. We Make Life Sad by Nicholas Szczepanik


March 19th, 2012: Post #13840

Didn’t get a thing done here today after all. So we’ll just close out with this: From their beautiful new record OPEN EXITS.  G’night. Related articles GUEST INFORMANT: Joseph Stannard ( Night Music: Kristine Barrett ( The Fonal Jukebox (

CLOSEDOWN: 4bidden

March 14th, 2012: Post #13774

Some rather epic spookiness to close out with: (actual act name is a witchhausy unicode disaster that may not survive posting: I?????????????????????I   )