While America Hammers A Turkey Into Its Face

November 21st, 2012: Post #14497

Yesterday was a write-off, work-wise. New Book DEATH BAR: In which I wrote the line “Did you have silver polyester over my head at some point?” Yeah., I know.  It gets better, I swear.  I hope. So America is now switching off in order to devour an almost unimaginably wide swarm of birds, or vegetarian [...]

CLOSEDOWN: Anji Cheung & Beard Closet

November 16th, 2012: Post #14483

And that’s it from me this week.  Back Monday.  Things are a hair less crazier here, so the site should be more active from Monday morning, and there are some things planned for the near future of the place. As ever, if you’ve got something you think I should be featuring here, warrenellis at gmail [...]


November 9th, 2012: Post #14449

A new album by old mate of warren ellis dot com Kemper Norton?  I’ll have some of that.  And so will you.  Click through to buy for a very reasonable price, or stream the whole thing here.  G’night. Carn by Kemper Norton


October 5th, 2012: Post #14394

See you next week, folks.  I leave you with the new record by Dirty Knobs, optimised for your Halloween enjoyment.  Click through and buy the whole 90-minute ambient soundtrack of skulls being slowly and loving crushed in hell wonder for a single Yanqui dollar. Whisky and the keyboard await.  Back Tuesday. Hallow by Dirty Knobs

CLOSEDOWN: Lunar Miasma

September 21st, 2012: Post #14327

Because every now and then, in the middle of the night, what you want is some classic Berlin School style synth washes.  And Lunar Miasma does the best ones.  G’night. Impermanent Nature (sicsic022) by Lunar Miasma