Leaf Broth

March 17th, 2014: Post #15106

Hello. I’ve been reading cookbooks. There’s a certain kind of cookbook that you — or at least I — can read like it’s fiction. Science fiction, even. I was talking with Janice Wang, a researcher at MIT Media Lab, about this at South By the other day. (That was a really interesting visit, by the [...]

The Science Fiction Condition

November 13th, 2012: Post #14462

Capture by Justin Pickard, entitled “The Science Fiction Condition.” [“the science fiction condition”]

How To See The Future

September 7th, 2012: Post #14314

This is the raw text of the keynote I gave at Improving Reality on Thursday.  Thanks again to Honor and her crew for being so wonderful, and for so kindly inviting me. HOW TO SEE THE FUTURE Warren Ellis The concept of calling an event Improving Reality is one of those great science fiction ideas. [...]

Coughing On Reality

September 3rd, 2012: Post #14310

I am currently charging up All The Things, because Wednesday I travel to Brighton to give the morning keynote at Improving Reality on Thursday.  Honor Harger very kindly and sweetly pinned me to the wall to decide what I was going to talk about, and the answer is a bit like this: Warren will speak [...]

Flying Frogs And Crashed Rocketships

December 29th, 2006: Post #3442

Some years back, Dr. Andrey Geim succeeded in levitating a frog through magnetic fields. Briefly, we lived in a world of hovering frogs. The other day, it was revealed that a parallel line of research has achieved the levitation of other small creatures through ultrasound. From my perspective, that was a strange day. Yesterday, animals [...]