NIGHT MUSIC: Neurinomes

May 30th, 2013: Post #14984

A marvellous ambient chamber music that I happily spaced out to earlier this evening. Neurinomes by Mad/Mod

NIGHT MUSIC: Braveyoung

May 28th, 2013: Post #14979

From the album WILL THE DUST PRAISE YOU, a long and misty neoclassical piece. Relief Is Near In Four Parts by Braveyoung

NIGHT MUSIC: Darius Greene

May 26th, 2013: Post #14967

    Via Disquiet.

NIGHT MUSIC: The Makers of Things

May 23rd, 2013: Post #14957

Matt Sheret put me on to this: original soundtrack for a series of short films called ‘The Makers of Things’ by director Anne Holiday.  Very pleasant. The Makers of Things (Original Soundtrack) by Gavin Singleton

NIGHT MUSIC: Artur Ruminski

May 22nd, 2013: Post #14951

Vast, almost Sunn O)))-scale nightmarish guitar drone. s/t by Artur Ruminski