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Imagining Incarnate

My brain’s been deep in Other Things for the last week or two, and I have a shitload of stuff to catch up on.

Belated happy birthday to the superb artist Marian Churchland, for one.


I can’t find the link right now, but I’m pretty sure William Gibson said his new novel ZERO HISTORY will be released on digital same day as the print version goes out.

Of course, one of Fraction’s IRON MAN comics went out day-and-date digital the other week, and DC are doing some JUSTICE LEAGUE thing much the same way, so the waters are now being tested in something approaching a significant way.

Talking of novels, congrats to Charlie Stross on finishing RULE 34, which I’m very much looking forward to reading. Mr Stross has the most recent in his series of "Lovecraftian spy thrillers," THE FULLER MEMORANDUM, released next week, I believe.

kek-w ruminates/hallucinates on the subject of Design Fiction:

Design as –what?– a new open-source metaphor for imagining, one that can be incorporated –mashed-up– w/ literature – a new form of conceptualising that propels us past physical media and all known platforms? (Design is Imagining Incarnate. It’s all about…wondering, but also factoring in the physical practicalities, the possibility of building something new – a product – that might actually come-into-being; how would it interact with us, how would itlook?) It’s heady stuff, indeed. But is this all really genuinely new n Post-Physical – the next new wave – or is it just Cyberpunk 3.0? Golden Age 6.5? Or all of the above?

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