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In reference to the picture below, I just received the following email from Frankie Chan:

a friend of mine sent me your page because you’d posted my graffiti
on the front.

i’m a fan, so i’m totally flattered. i thought i’d write and let you
know what iheartcomix is.

first off, i’m a l.a. based event promoter and dj. i throw events
under the moniker ‘iheartcomix’ with the sole purpose of breaking
new music, products, art, films and ideas that we think are cool.

we do events nationwide and i’m a very busy traveling dj.

i also draw and religously read comics, hence, ‘iheartcomix’

i’m tryin to do my best to spread the word and hit a totally
different audience the comics world seems to have never to totally
grasp (although the stories would be totally appealing). we’re
slowly trying to incorporate comics more into our events, whether
it’s jim mahfood showing up and doing live art or giving away comics
in gift bags (which we’ve often done at our own expense) or release
parties for upcoming books which fit (which we want to do).

we’re hitting the streets and throwing the parties,
getting the word out. the phrase ‘iheartcomix’ rolls off the lips of
people at william morris and the firm as if it were second nature and
it makes me smile every time. the plan is a revolution.

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