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I Need New Anime To Watch

Looking for new anime to watch — and by “new” I mean “aired in Japan in the last three months”, so don’t start telling me about GITS and PARANOIA AGENT. Recommendations in the comments section gratefully received.

Don’t watch ZEGAPAIN. Terrible generic horseshit.

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  1. Sadixt Sadixt

    Ah, damnit, it’s already been recommended. Uhm… Princess Princess? It’s about men in pretty pretty dresses.
    Or Fang/KIBA I also have no idea what’s going in here but the backgrounds are beautiful. That may or may not be the only reason to watch it.
    These just premired within two weeks.
    Good Luck Ellis.

  2. Mr. Ellis, are you against watching some older material if it’s good and you haven’t seen it? Though I suppose you very well could have. So please forgive me if I offer up some options you may already have viewed.

    My roomate and I recently got on an “anime tragedy kick” in which we watched some great stuff from the 60s through the 90s.

    My first recommendation is the incredible space opera “Legend of the Galactic Heroes”

    Galactic Heroes centers on two fleet commanders on the opposite sides of a galactic war, their interpersonal relationships and their intellectual battles both against each other and their political enemies within their respective sides. In a rare thing for an anime in the 90s, the characters take precedence and are magnificently multifaceted. It’s also incredibly dark, as the space battles generally involve the deaths of hundreds of thousands of soldiers on what are essentially giant space naval battles.

    A favorite film of mine in a similar vein is the Captain Harlock origin story (well one of them anyway) Arcadia of my Youth, which weaves in story elements from Reiji Matsumoto’s collection of pilot stories, the cockpit, and is a harrowing tale of loss and hope (even if it involves curvy lasers and flags fluttering in space).

    Lastly, and not exactly tragic, I reccomend the original 1971 series of Lupin III. Not released abroad (in the States where I live, only the second series, which began in 1978 has started to be released) the original series is much more true to the dark vission of the comics, but with a stronger visual appeal for the first eight or so episodes. At that point the original director was fired and Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata (yep, the same ones who formed Ghibli) directed the remaining 12 or so episodes of the series. The foundation for Miyazaki’s first feature film, Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro can be seen in several of the episodes. At the very least a compelling look at some of the early work of a pair of animation masters.

    My roommate also recently watched the seminal Rose of Versailles and highly recommends it, but I haven’s seen it yet.

    As for the new, I’m a bit behind myself, and would love to see anything you recommend if you find some good stuff. I’m sort of stuck with a backlog of shows going back to 2004 that I have yet to watch. I can’t wait for the new Oshii though, I can’t get enough of his stuff. Ooh, my roommate said Team Oshii’s “Blood +” was pretty good. I’ll have to check that out.

  3. Per someone’s suggestion above, I decided that “Ergo Proxy” was a cool name and warrented a download. Fuck yeah! It definitely reminds me of the Animatrix’s “Second Rennaissance Part I & II”.

    Many thanks to Adam Wendt for giving me something to follow again. :)

  4. Richard Hamer Richard Hamer

    Though it didn’t *start* in the last three months… fansubbers have only recently just finished subbing ‘Monster’. Monster is – well probably the best anime series there has ever been, based on possibly the best manga there’s ever been.

    I’ve only just been able to get all of it, so I think that makes it recent.

  5. It’s several years old, BUT;
    If you haven’t seen it, watch “Exel Saga”, and the sequel, “Puni Puni Poemi”.

  6. Do watch Eureka 7. It’s a fast-paced, fun sci-fi show with some of the most well-depicted characters I’ve seen in any recent anime series. It’s good like Gundam was 15 years ago.
    It’s got dynamic and colorful animation, with bright, flashy mecha launched out of aircraft carrier-style catapults (while transformed into racecar mode), which then transform in midair into robots and sky-surf trails of luminous particles through the sky (while fighting with boomerangs). It’s also got some of the best attempts at realistic “hip” costume designs recently (though I do give Bleach and Tenjou Tenge props for their attempts), representing everything from ravers to 90’s surfers to throwback hippie and mod aesthetics. Check the “Bios” and “LFO” sections on and you’ll get a sense of the style.

    Do watch Monster – Naoki Urasawa is a genius. If you haven’t read 20th Century Boys, you should look for the translated version of that manga as well.

    Do not watch Bleach. It’s the same old generic lowest-common-denominator fighting story with spiky hair, bouncing breasts, oversized weapons, a hero who’s inexplicably the most powerful dude around, and endless, endless storylines that drag on a single minor conflict as long as possible.

    I hear really good stuff about Mai-Hime, which is actually at least a year old by now. It’s a story about young girls with magical powers who fight each other for reasons that are somewhat unclear, but it’s… different. It’s got an indirect sequel, Mai-Otome, which is more recent and doesn’t continue the same plot.

    Somewhat older but extremely worth watching is Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou (“Yokohama Shopping Diary”). It takes place at an indeterminate time in the future, after ocean levels have considerably risen, and it concerns Alpha, an android who has been left caretaker of a cafe by its owner. The story essentially consists of her daily routine and her encounters with her neighbors. It’s not quick or eventful, but it’s gorgeously depicted and it embraces the details of life in a way that few animated works do (one other would be Studio Ghibli’s “Only Yesterday”).
    I don’t know if the original two-part OVA is fansubbed, but the second two-parter, “Quiet Country Cafe” is pretty easy to find. Also, the entire YKK manga, which the anime is based on, has been translated.

  7. Tim Tim

    I don’t know what the hell aired in Japan in the last 3 months because I LIVE IN AMERICA, and not knowing japanese doesn’t help. But I’ve been enjoying Samurai 7 on DVD the last couple months.

  8. Seth Seth

    Okay, after watching the first two eps of the currently airing Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, definitely watch this. It’s doing some very interesting things, aside from SF parody (which is really just the first episode).

  9. Ren Ren

    okay, okay, I know, it’s not “last 3 months” but I still side with Samurai Champloo as being my
    most recent “new find” in anime. Reminds me a bit of the irreverant approach you pen in “Nextwave.”

    I also prefer to watch it in its unorignal english, cos I don’t speak Japanese, and got a good glee
    out of the main character telling a group of thugs to disregard “honor” and come at him all at once…

    “I’ll take ALL you bitches on!”

    heh heh.


    This link shows a very comprehensive list of the most recent anime torrents, arranged by date. From there, you can find fansub groups you like and see what is current and popular, as well as see what people keep trading around.

    If you send me a stack of DVDs I’ll post to you a healthy anime collection.

  11. Jesus, I love how people can type in big fucking bold letters “LAST THREE MONTHS” and you’ll still get 45 posts on old material. If he wasn’t aware of old material, he wouldn’t have specified a recent time frame.

    Like talking to a fucking wall.

  12. Bobby Niblick Bobby Niblick

    the only new anime (ie fansubbed in mid-March+) you should be worrying about, mr. ellis, is the afore-recommended Ergo Proxy. all else is shite. shite and bollocks. i believe they’re up to ep. 05 or 06, re. subs. i shan’t send links or name names because They are watching.

  13. Andrew Cunningham Andrew Cunningham

    Suzumiya Haruhi is the big gun this spring. The novels are hideously funny, and the anime seems to be really nailing things. Title character stands up on the first day of high school and says, “I have no interest in ordinary humans. If you’re from space, the future, or have psychic powers, come talk to me.”
    Yume Tsukai is also good; the manga is completely bat shit crazy, and the anime looks like they’re going to get the tone in line. Basically, sexual repression mixed with obscure Buddhist symbolism fought with the ancient rituals of children’s games.

  14. Dekaritae Dekaritae

    “FLCL” yes. It is just so brilliantly completed in six episodes.

  15. Brendan Brendan

    totally unrealted but, it figures when i’m trying to figure out why the hell there’s no ergo proxy 6 out yet it would lead me somewhere here.

    i also HIGHLY reccomend it as it seems to have an excellent distopian setting, a rather highly attractive female lead, a hint of delving into the realm of the mind body problem regarding AI (at least i truly hope there’s a bit of it the whole series begs for it) amazing music (gregorian chant set to electronic beats and drum sequences, and the end theme is radiohead’s paranoid android) a interesting influence of sanskrit and hindu terms that piques the interest.

    give it a shot.

    as for the aforementioned fate/stay night, i’m on episode 13 (a bit behind) and have to say it’s ill paced, as what has happened could be told in half as many episodes, without suffering a loss, and the mythologies it delves into tend to be rather muddled. it’s cool that they have Cu Cullain as Lancer, but they truly screw up the Medusa legend and how king Arthur is female (even in the flashback sequences) and Kojiro (Musashi’s rival) is cast as an assassin??? obviously it seems they did some research, but why fuck up a perfectly good mythology if there’s little reason to?

    i’d say it’s ok, but there’s probably a few better series out there.

    Jigoku shoujo IS repetitive, but i’m hooked. basic premis is that someone who seeks vengence on another person accesses a website which allows them to contact the hell girl, whom whilst the victim takes them to hell, exacts a contract which the person she contacts stating they also will go to hell once they live out their life. i really wish they explored the various types of cases they would come across in the show better. a split personalit whom wishes to condem his other half for example would be intriguing. however the show has of recent seemed to take a different spin, focusing on the hell girl herself as a reporter tries to dig deep into her own past and the reasons behind what she does.

    a friend in australia tends to keep me up to date, perhaps i’ll stop back with some of her reccommendations.

  16. Look like nobody even bothered to mention Kamichu! … Well maybe that’s because it was from the fall 2005 season (I think). Still the best thing I’ve seen lately, since Honey & Clover.
    Sadly it was hard to find (didn’t seem to interest well organised fansubbing groups), and then it got licensed by Geneon. Which is bad news for me because importing zone1 DVDs from the states when you live in zone2 (Europe) is not a good idea. Compatibility issues, ya know.

    I have five episodes. All are tremendously good and poetic.

  17. Jerry Skold Jerry Skold

    I second ERGO PROXY – very stylish, evocative and (it seems by the first four episodes) well-written.

    I also think that KARAS is worth watching – if nothing more, it is the prettiest anime OAV series I´ve seen.

  18. T. Thompson T. Thompson

    You might want to check out They have a pretty good listing of various anime.
    As far as a single series is concerned. Right now I’m watching Blood+. It’s fairly new and very interesting.

  19. Taliesin Jaffe Taliesin Jaffe

    I’m a voice over director in the U.S. (Mostly California and Texas) so I have to watch allot anime a week.
    A just started on a show called “Speed Grapher”. I can’t recommend it enough. just download a couple episodes, see what you think. It will be available in a very well dubbed English edition in just a few months. Prepare for a classic scifi / noir story. sex, violence, Corruption, betrayal. I love this show and I am not easy to please. ask anyone. see you in the future
    your faithfull reader
    Taliesin Jaffe–

  20. J. Dittmar J. Dittmar

    I’m surprised I haven’t heard anything about Tsubasa Chronicle or Fate/Stay Night. I believe both of them are just starting their 2nd season.

    Tsubasa Chronicle: A girls memories are randomly placed in different dimensions, and the boy who loves her and two random guys go to each one trying to recollect them.

    Fate/Stay Night: Once every 10 years there is a war for the Holy Grail, which can grant the winner 1 wish. 7 Magicians fight in this war, along with a “servant”, who is a heroic spirit from either the past or present. I highly recommend this one.

  21. Livii Livii

    Uta-Kata, only found in fansubs has not yet been even grasped by America.

    I have heard about Speed Grapher, didn’t look to good, it’s just not my taste.

    AIR isn’t very new, but it’s one of those shorts that you will fall in love with.

    I found this one anime through a layout, but can’t even find summaries or subs, it’s called Close To. It looked really cute.

    Fate/Stay Night isn’t exactly new either. I’m trying to find those elusive animes that no-one seems to know about.

  22. Livii Livii

    Jigoku Shoujo! Someone already posted it, but you do have to watch it! it’s better to watch from ep8 and then go on so it won’t like spoil it for you.

    Now and Then, here and there.

    yes, it has been gotten by America, but not very known and relates to real stuff and shows the consequences of war

  23. Livii Livii

    Risky-Safety(sorry i keep mentioning)not exactly the best a nime since it’s all 10 min shorts, but fun to watch

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