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  1. padraig padraig

    You could do a crossover with the revival of “Giant Sized Man-Thing.”

  2. Dang, Issue 5 has a killer clown! And 21 has Sgt. Kirby drowning commies in quicksand!

    Huh. MAN was varied adventure early on, then Korean War stories with slant-eyed Reds getting it in the gut, then three issues of Bob Brant and the Trouble Shooters and their spunky pet raccoon. Then, gone.

    Did Wertham scare them out of the war comics biz?

  3. Anonymous Anonymous

    It’s like you wrote this already in some alternate reality. Rocketships, commies, punching, stabby noface… all the usual suspects are there. Whale attacks and PowerX3, the thing practically writes itself.

  4. datdude datdude

    Oh my MAN comics Bob Brand and the trouble shooters?

    Your going to hurt my brain with this one aren’t you?

  5. Kenn Kenn

    Yes, yes, you are mad. Would I buy this book as written by Warren Ellis? Yes. Would it be amazing? Yes. Is the a chance in hell that marvel will do an anthology? Umm, no. If you can convince Marvel to do this you are the internet Jesus.

  6. “ALSO in this issue… *POWER!* POWER! Power!”

    Sounds like the setup to an Ayn Rand-scripted comic book. “HE REFUSED to let the world boss him around… DAN STEELE, MAN OF POWER! Only in THIS ISSUE!”

  7. “Man Comics 15” is one of the best cover design…

  8. What is this I don’t even.

  9. I’m surprised you didn’t post the cover that has “BLACK HATE” in a big font in the cover.

  10. Warren Ellis’ Manly Tales of Manliness would be an instant hit.

  11. Fred Davis Fred Davis

    If you’re gonna do that comic, you might as well try to let marvel pay you to do a illustrated bible – same crack, better publicity.

  12. *shakes fist* Do you know how damned much I want e-reprints of all that for my iPad now?!!? The iPad isn’t here yet — I really need the 3G one — so Marvel has some time to Get This Done.

    And then …

    Warren Ellis Presents … MAN!

    In this issue, The Adventures of Saline Sally!

  13. Peter Peter

    Mmmm. I love the smell of campy testosterone for lunch.

  14. Owen Owen

    My God, I found one of these MAN comics in my grandparent’s basement when I was ten…I can’t even remember what it was like, but if it’s this camp then how could I forget?

  15. jacob jacob

    needs more linetraps

  16. Pixie Pixie

    ” Each book length story is from true life!”
    So in 1950s someone managed to get themselves tied on to a friking whale? I knew I was born in the wrong era.

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