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  1. fod_xp fod_xp

    I loved the other picture by Eliza, of the dead tired woman in a corset holding a little bee. Seriously, I want that face she drew as an avatar. I often have days where I get out of bed feeling like that picture.

    In regards to this picture, I imagine that both Bruce Wayne and his Robins have done exactly this at least *once* in their vigilante careers. IF not, well, then they’re complete nutters. However, this picture seems to represent Superheroes in general.

    They lord over us, and then spit on us atop their respective Mount Olympus(es), and they laugh at their perceived genius. It’s as if Eliza realized the position of Superheroes in regards to humans; We are ants fit only for their amusement.

    Great job Eliza!!!

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