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I Don’t Usually Do Requests

But what the hell. A guy called Robert writes to say:

My girlfriend, Becky, recently gave birth to my one-and-only
daughter on August 2nd. Her pregnancy was blissful, for all of the first
three weeks. After that, she was dealing with hyper-emesis (much puking,
not able to eat, had an intravenous Pikline installed), gestational
diabetes (hard to exercise when you’re hooked up to a Pikline, and not
eating…) and then she had chest pains. Which she went into the ER for,
a few days before the 2nd.

She had a pulmonary embolism. The words the staff used were that
she was VERY lucky she came in when she did. Lydia Grace was born at
11:27pm on the 2nd. She weighed 8.5#, and measured nearly 19".
Thankfully, as hellacious as Becky’s pregnancy was, Lydia is as beautiful
and healthy as we could hope.

Now the small/LARGE favour: I would love it if you could post the
picture of Lydia on your site, as a delightful surprise for Becky, who
could use some perking up. She’s been a real trooper, and I know she’d
get a huge kick out of it.


Lydia’s a good name. Welcome to Earth, little darling.

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