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I Do Not Make This Shit Up

I warn you. You laugh at me. Then this happens:

A former university professor and his wife were attacked and killed by nearly a dozen starving feral dogs along a rural road in the US state of Georgia.

The Dog does not experience or comprehend remorse.


Look at it. "Send moar tasty humans. I has a hungry. DEATHLOL"

The Dog is the natural enemy of the Human.

You will never believe me. You will laugh at me. And then you will be eaten by dogs.

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  1. Clark Clark

    I have a personal dislike of German Shepherds I was attacked on three separate occasions by the vicious furry death bringers but it was the one that chased my 8 year old self on the dance floor of a working mans club that convinced me that they had it in for me

  2. Damian Damian

    Yeah. I grew up on a farm an hour from there. 1 mile down a gravel and dirt road on 183 acre farm. People would abandone dogs and cats out there all the time. Between bobcats and wild dogs it made dirt biking an adventure. And yes. The dogs want to eat you.

  3. Keith Keith

    I used to live in Georgia. Used to. Why did I leave? Feral man-eating dogs. They breed them there because, that is Georgia’s purpose, to take the world down a notch. Just when you think you’ve got a handle on all this bad craziness, they release the feral man-eating dogs.

  4. I was once saved from drowning by a domesticated wolf. I am not making this up.

  5. Nick B Nick B

    Maybe it’s true that dog’s bring death.

    But then, he who controls the dogs controls the world…

  6. Warren,

    If I were starving, I’d attack and eat you as well. And I’m not even feral.

  7. James James

    If I’m reading this right,
    the pets belonging to the recently deceased were taken to the same animal shelter as the offending feral dogs. Bunk mates with their owners killers. Neat, 3 of the 8 or so comments are from people with ties to Georgia.

  8. Daniel Daniel

    ^^^ Pretty sure if the brain-racking hallucinations didn’t get you, the cancer would set in soon after.

  9. David David

    Dogs are like people… people with fewer guns and fewer reasons to not kill me. So I loathe and fear them… and their unpleasant, irresponcible owners… only a little more than my fellow Arizonans… I’m sick of dogs and rednecks…

  10. joseph leroux joseph leroux

    can’t blame them,but you can still sew their anusses.

  11. I recall reading some redneck survivalist website warning that in the coming apocalypse, roaming packs of wild dogs would be a terrible threat. Guess he was right!

  12. PhilfromGermany PhilfromGermany

    “…did not show remorse.”
    So you hate dogs. I seriously hope you’re not one of those shit-crazy “cat-persons”, but is this hate-mongering really necessary?

  13. David David

    Yes, absolutely…

  14. Dogs most certainly feel remorse.

    They’ll still eat you, sure. But they’ll feel all kinds of bad about it, later.

  15. Alan's brother Alan's brother

    On a complimentary note, I have left a rather large feral cat in charge of my mother. They’ve been getting along well.

  16. I agree with jamesmith3, dogs indeed feel remorse, but this is not a reason for not hating them… As I do.

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