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I Am Doing The Brainwork Today

Yes. All quiet on the webby front, for I am making with the Brainwork and Extreme Genius and such.

You may entertain yourselves by showing each other your bums or something.

— W

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  1. My bum doesn’t show up in photographs or mirrors.
    Tragic, really.

  2. Melinda Melinda

    But your comment feed doesn’t let us! ( Y )

  3. …where would you stake a vampire arse? I mean, if just the arse is vampiric, and the rest of the person is…y’know…not.

  4. john john

    in america, ass staking isnt just for the olympics anymore. we take ass staking to another level. if you need someone to tell you how or where to stake an ass, you’re probably never going to get it

  5. Now I’ve got it into my head that ‘Anal Stake’ would be a great name for an extreme metal band/stageshow. Sadly I have neither musical abilties or a freakishly high tolerance to pain. If someone else could set the whole thing up I’d be happy with a % and a brief credit in the liner notes.

  6. rhombus rhombus

    Anal Steak, with your choice of soup or salad.”

  7. Napalm Dog Napalm Dog

    To the editor Aspen News and Times:

    December 14 1969
    Woody Creek, Colorado

    Dear Editor,

    My reason for writing this letter is unfortunate, but I can no longer live in Aspen without doing something about the absence of feeling about the war in Vietnam. I am not the only one who feels this way.

    Accordingly, I want to explain our action before we do it, because I realize a lot of people won’t understand. On Xmas eve we are going to burn a dog with napalm (or jellied gasoline made to the formula of napalm) on a street where many people will see it. If possible, we will burn several dogs, depending on how many we find on that day. We will burn these dogs wherever we can have the most public impact.

    Anybody who hates the idea of burning dogs with napalm should remember that the American army is burning human beings with napalm every day in Vietnam. If you think it is wrong to burn a dog in Aspen, what do you think about burning people in Asia?

    We think this will make the point, once people see what napalm does. It hurts humans much worse than it hurts dogs. And if anybody doubts this, they can volunteer to take the place of whatever dogs we have. Anybody who wants to try it should be standing in front of the Mountain Shop about four o’clock on Xmas eve, and he should be wearing a sign that says, ‘Napalm Dog.’ If this happens, we will put the jellied gasoline on the person, instead of the animal. Frankly, I’d rather burn a human war-monger than a dog, but I doubt if any of these will show up.

    (for obvious reasons I can’t state my real name).

  8. Bola Bola

    Hum, dog barbecue???

  9. Kevin Kevin

    so. anybody want to see my bum?

  10. In the anal-rape that is my life, this conversation is the smallest dick.

  11. Ma77 Ma77

    Come on people. I wanna see arse.

  12. / \
    | |

    Will this do?

  13. Damn. Didn’t work. So much for ASCII ass.

  14. agordonpym agordonpym

    use asscII

  15. Ma77 Ma77

    your arse is insubstancial

  16. Ma77 Ma77

    shit, I meant Insubstantial.
    Its been a long day.

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