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Hunter S. Thompson Is Dead

Hunter S. Thompson, the acerbic counterculture writer who popularized a new form of journalism in books like “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” fatally shot himself Sunday night at his Aspen-area home, his son said. He was 67.

“Hunter prized his privacy and we ask that his friends and admirers respect that privacy as well as that of his family,” Juan Thompson said in a statement released to the Aspen Daily News.

Pitkin County Sheriff Bob Braudis, a personal friend of Thompson, confirmed the death to the News. Sheriff’s officials did not return calls to The Associated Press late Sunday.

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  1. Mark Mark

    Fuckfuckfuckfuck. FUCK! Very sad news. Neo-cons will be gloating. I am rather bummed.

  2. Hunter Thompson RIP
    I just learned (via Warren Ellis) that Hunter Thompson has killed himself.
    Very sad news. Thompson hadn’t written much of interest lately — though he did turn out the occasional column accurately registering the utter vileness of the Bush regime and …

  3. fool fool

    The world changes now in slow, tragic ways, just out of perception. I’ll miss ya, Doc.

  4. George Anthony George Anthony

    Hunter, you will be missed. We love you still.

  5. Denyer Denyer

    I can see him having done this by accident… certainly hope nothing drove him to it.

    Thanks for the words.

  6. The account is still being written. It’s been updated through that link twice so far, I just hope we can carry on his work.

  7. kin0pravda kin0pravda

    First time the good doctor ever made a wrong bet on who’d win a national election….

    And it wasn’t because his brain had gotten a whole lot more leathery over the years…. At 67, Duke still stood tall and sharp and ready to go…. It is just that even with the raw and powerful instintcual insight that Dr. Thompson possessed, there was no way to see a second term for Bush43 coming…. Simply because the US presindent currently in office exists outside history, outside human thought. We are dealing with a caricature here… a sick joke played on us by fascists freaks in power…. A hearty fuck-you to the little people from the powers-that-be straight from their country-club….

    A sensitive human being like Thompson should not be asked to deal with this whole situation…. The continuing political and public existence of the icon George W. Bush obliterates all reason…. sends stuff like journalism, ethics, literature and art straight out the window….

    Thompson ate acid to put Richard Nixon in perspective…. You can’t even begin to comprehend that something as ludicrous and shameless as the Nixon admnistration ever existed unless you are reasonably fucked up on halucinogens…. But there is nothing that can put 21st centrury America in perspective…. Every meme from Lindsay Lohan to the California Governator to what happened to the NBA and the anti-immigration militias murdering mexicans in Arizona makes all brain activity down to the faintest synapse seem…. pointless….

    What I am about to say will sound lame and far fetched and hystrionical…. but I do feel that Thompson cashing his check is Bush’s fault…. Or rather, let’s not apply concepts that relate to human existence to a president that’s not really there…. You can’t use fault with Bush43, the poor thing (I pity THEY came up with a president that deserves to be buried in Disneyland even more that Reagan (I really loved that Reagan obituary in the Village Voice)…. Or rather Ren & Stimpy…. yeah… Bush belongs in Ren & Stimpy….. Definitely….


    Thompson missed on who’d win the elction… quite simply because Bush coming out on top was impossible…. IT IS impossible…. It didn’t happen…. common-sense and the instincts of every single person on the planet who is at least a little media-savvy said that Kerry would end up gnawing on Cheney’s skull…. Even a cynical nihilistic cannibal thing like Mencken, were he alive today, wouldn’t have believed that whatever humanity was left in the american people would jump at another serving of “compassionate conservatism”….

    Thompson decided to shoot himself because it just isn’t his goddamned country anymore…. The man wrestled Nixon, his voice kept on reaching the public through the years of Gerald Ford and Ronald Regan…. in the last 30 years or so he still dared exist and think like Raoul Duke despite all that was coming down…. But you just couldn’t ask a man of Thompson’ calibre to deal with this Dreamland bullshit country….

    THAT HACKS IT! with Thompson’s demise America is definitely doomed…. The only thing to do now is to try and stop all of that infectious bullshit from reaching the rest of the world….

    Ladies and Gentlemen, now that the rube has left us, we have much work to do…. It takes real men (and women) to fill the shoes of the King of Freaks…. The man was excellent… a high-powered memetic engine revving up before our wonderous eyes…. who will step up to the challenge? I hope all of us, together, can fill Thompson’s Converse shoes….

  8. tiddy tiddy

    Why do none of these eulogizing hacks remember that Bill Murray put HST on the screen way before Johnny Depp. Obviously not the point but…

  9. Got the news about 12 hours ago… I’m pissed about it and shocked too. I don’t know why he would have done that, but the world is less of what it should be without him here.

  10. Craig Craig

    Everytime I despaired about my writing, I would crack open one of the good doctor’s books and would immediately feel revitalized. There was just that much raw energy on every page that you couldn’t help but feel reenergized.

    And his obit for Richard Nixon is still the single most evil piece of writing I’ve ever read. And I mean that in the most complimentary way possible.

    Salut, doctor. The world is a greyer place without you.

  11. Gabe Gabe

    Gonzo forever

  12. beth beth

    I hate to say it, but how could such a creative fuck come up with such an unoriginal way to die? That must have been some sorta agony. Or was it simply self-indulgence taken to its greatest extreme?

    In that case, H, you did just what you thought you should.

  13. Dr. Hunter S. Thompson (1937 - 2005)
    Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, dead at 67. Hunter's writing has been a constant source of personal inspiration and madness for 30+ years. "So much for Objective Journalism. Don’t bother to look for it here—not under any byline of mine; or anyone…

  14. Remus Shepherd Remus Shepherd

    Hemingway committed suicide because he had grown too old and feeble to live according to the rules he espoused. Stephen Biko ‘killed himself’ in jail after speaking out against a fascist state. Maybe one of these reasons applied to Hunter, or maybe he had a unique reason of his own. We may never know.

  15. kin0pravda,
    Hunter lived through the Nixon years; I seriously doubt he’d kill himself over President Bush.
    I suspect his reasons were more personal than that. I also suspect we won’t ever know. For a ‘public figure’, Hunter was a very private person.

  16. kin0pravda kin0pravda

    Kathy K.

    ok…. ok…. I realise we are talking about an actual person here…. I’m not saying it’s a cause and effect thing…. Saying that a man of Hunter S. Thomspon’s caliber shot himself over some silver-spoon yokel being in office would be demeaning to Thomspon…. Yet, there is a message here…. Where are we now? The ultimate archetype of everything wrong with America has gotten a second term. The citizens of the United States, unlike ‘civilized’ nations, did not spontaneously start bludgeoning each other in the streets over that travesty of an election…. And we lost Hunter S. Thompson – the meme….

    I’m sure Hunter S. Thompson – the man was a fine human being but we never met…. so I can only miss the meme: knowing that the good doctor was out there, sharp as ever and waiting to stomp on some fine swarthy people in suits….

    So, what’s next, we lose Noam Chomsky (almost the exact opposite of Raoul Duke)?

    So, no…. Dubya didn’t kill Duke…. Dubya can’t even qualify as a factor in Duke dying…. But there is a message…. We are doomed…. Hunter S. Thompson died and white-collar thievery is about to go from legal to mandatory in the United Sates of Jerusistan….

    With Thomspon gone, fun, as a concept, is now officially dead, and the truth has just gotten a brand new nail on its coffin….

    Maybe it was personal reasons or fellings of inadequacy (to his own high existencial standards) or just plain boredom – if anyone has the right to commit suicide over being bored than that person is Thompson…. the man pratically defined by default why it is worth living and was a junkie for raw and savage high-speed big-bore magnum jacketed hollow-point fun….

    Maybe it was the internet that killed him…. the horribly transparent cult of personality…. an anathema of all that Duke ever was…. Maybe it was the merchadising…. the post-historical selling of Gonzo by the pound, or rather by the megabit of bandwidth…. maybe it was all the weak little shits such as myself, that make weak and pathetic attmpts to write just a little like he did…. Or maybe Hunter S. Thompson existed on a scale far too grand to even notice all of this….

    So, yes.. Dubya killed Thompson. I killed Thompson…. You, he, she and it killed Thompson…. Or maybe Thompson saw us coming and decided to deny us the satisfaction of slowly withering him away….

    People, we need to replenish our ranks…. Come into existence, make yourselves known… MAKE YOURSELVES ACCOUNTABLE…. take no shit from any of the fucking swine out there…. Doctor Thompson is no longer there to protect us from ourselves…. It’s time to get to work….

  17. Hunter S. Thompson, d. February 20, 2005
    Yesterday, Trace Reddell wrote to tell me that Hunter S. Thompson is dead, self-inflicted gunshot wound, “committed suicide.” That was yesterday, and HST died on February 20th, 2005, at age 67.

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