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  1. I would burn all those reality villages that MTV has built just to get 30 minutes a week of brilliant programming like Liquid Television.

  2. Mark Leyner has always been one of my favorite writers. his numerous, fictional autobiographies has inspired me to lie more in my everyday life.

  3. zerone! zerone!

    I remember watching that as a kid on Liquid Television. It’s stuck in my mind throughout the years.

  4. ian ian

    1 minute 29 seconds of that was the end credits. that struck me as being slightly excessive.

  5. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    The rip, fairly obviously, isn’t mine.

  6. optical optical

    In fact, those end credits make it all so much better:
    ‘Time now for an alternative approach to music with 120 minutes…’
    Aawwww man, the memories that brings.

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