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  1. John John

    Hah! That’s fucking great!

  2. The thing I like about that is that I had to stare at it for a few seconds before it sunk in.

    And the sinking in, oh, the sinking in is a good feeling.

  3. Eric Palicki Eric Palicki

    I laughed. And when I laughed, cherry coke came out my nose.

    I haven’t been drinking cherry coke.

  4. O-M-G to the power of three!

    I’ve never said that before, ever.

  5. Glessner Glessner

    As soon as I realized what I was looking at, the cloudsparted and sun shone through. No shit.
    Must read more…

  6. Michael Michael

    I have seen some of his other work at a comic con in Denmark and it is… scary. But oh so very, very funny. He is a pretty nice guy too, but you wouldnt know it from his work :-)

    Very, very good stuff.

  7. I’m chuckling.

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