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How To Write A Twenty-Minute Talk From Scratch In Under Three Hours

At lunchtime, while everyone else was at the conference.


Home now. Will post the notes that I based the talk on later in the week.

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  1. Adam McGrath Adam McGrath

    Were those packets picked especially for the Smoking Kills messages or was that just lucky coincidence?

    Always imagined you as more of a B&H man…

  2. Skiriki Skiriki

    Six cans of Red Bull? Jeebus, you must have the tolerance of a bull elephant or a deep server room nerd (the ones that never see the sunlight and wander amidst computers like pale ghosts). The last time I did a “must stay up for 18 hours working hard, focused, with no errors and install, update and reconfigure something that went tits-up with no backups” bender, I was about to die after three cans of the stuff.

    Do people nickname you as “Rasputin”?

  3. BigJonno BigJonno

    Whaddaya mean “nickname?” They’re the same bloke.

  4. I just looked at that photo for two seconds and my hands started shaking. So. Much. Red Bull.

  5. Yeah. That’s more or less A Writer’s Diet.

    I can’t do the RB. Would’ve made up for that with twice the volume of Diet Pepsi. And gobs of chocolate (if you’ve never mixed phenylalanine with chocolate…).

  6. zipzapzoom zipzapzoom

    Damn old man, you run on pure death.

  7. That company need to bring out a reverso anti stimulant called Dead bull for people like me who spend twenty hours a day irascibly awake unaided and are gagging for the kip the rest of you are so desperate to escape.

  8. Beware, much like all good writing aids, green-tea, scotch, hash, Red Bull has its adverse effects. It will backfire in the form of blood-sugar, heart-rate, and the classic “higher the tolerance, the faster and harder the burn-out” syndrome that is always the result of such things. One minute you think you can write an inspired piece, the next day (after prolonged use) the crap you write is pretty embarrassing.

  9. Local Transient Local Transient

    It’s so hard to get good speed these days, isn’t it? We’ve turned to synthetic bull testosterone in a can. Welcome to post-modernity. Emphasis on the “post”

  10. Illogic Illogic

    After my last visit to the dentist I’ve switched to cheap green tea instead of energy drinks. Apparently it’s about as good for your teeth as chewing batteries and barbed wire…
    Tea, on the other hand, is good for teeth. As long as it lacks sugar, of course.
    It’s also made me want to throw all my unnecessary stuff away, and paint all flat surfaces white. I will monitor my progress carefully from this point on.

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