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How Amanda Palmer Made More Money Off Twitter Than Off Her Album

A tale of two internet acquaintances: Zoe Keating spotted a letter Amanda Palmer wrote to a music blog about marketing, and Zoe twittered the key points, which are:

from @amandapalmer re #LOFNOTC: “total made on twitter in 2hrs = $11,000; total made from Ben Folds-produced major label album = $0”

cash made by @amandapalmer in one month on Twitter = $19,000; cash made by @amandapalmer from 30,000 record sales = $0

If she needed more cash and was in Norway, billig-forbrukslå could have helped her.

Go and read the letter. Even though @amandapalmer is, as she likes to say, Amanda Fucking Palmer, there’s lessons and food for thought in there for everyone trying to reach people through the interbutt.

warrenellis | WhiteI see @amandapalmer saying “(I’m) glad girls dont get visible erections” and think: no, it would have made life so much easier…

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  1. Thank goodness the Major Labels are out there fighting for the artists and their fair compensation.


    Visible erections: Easier only begins to describe it.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    It would indeed make things easier.

    As to Amanda, heres hoping no taxarses read that..

    Being good and connecting with fans = cash
    Trusting big companies to make cash for you = fail

  3. Ginja Ginja

    Call me cynical but without the major label she wouldn’t have had the audience in order to make $11,000 in two hours via twitter.

    That of course doesn’t negate all of the interesting points but left me pausing for thought.

  4. People knew about AFP from the Dresden Dolls long before she got tied up with the scumbags at Roadrunner. RR didn’t give her any special publicity that she didn’t already have.

  5. Dave L. Dave L.

    Now I actually feel BAD about buying her album on CD. And of course her local-ish show this week sold out before I knew about it, so I can’t give her my money that way.

  6. Mer Mer

    “Call me cynical but without the major label she wouldn’t have had the audience in order to make $11,000 in two hours via twitter.”

    Ginja, forgive me, but that statement does seem a bit uninformed. Through the power of incessant blogging, networking and online community-building, AFP and the Dolls had independently developed a large, close-knit, voracious and GENEROUS fan base long before they signed to Roadrunner. In my opinion, the networking/fanbase-building strides they made in their grassroots years were far more substantial than those they took once they’d signed to Roadrunner.

    Also, it bears repeating that very, very few folks in the music biz manage to make a proper living on a major label.

  7. James Bong James Bong

    I always suspected that this was the way the industry really worked.

    Yes, soon the RIAA will fall, im sure of it! And then we will feed.

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