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Hiroyuki Imaishi’s NEXTWAVE?

Someone pointed me at this on twitter, with the message

From /co/ @WarrenEllis + Stuart Immonen’s Nextwave, by Hiroyuki Imaishi

I don’t read /co/, so I have no idea of the provenance of the attached image.


(original size)

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  1. arse eel arse eel

    Yeah, I totally understand.

    /b/ pretty much leaves no time for other boards.

  2. Trent Trent

    It’s just as I/they/we say:

    /co/ is love.

  3. RobertI RobertI

    Warren? It’s time

  4. elly elly

    /co/ as a whole doesn’t seem to know where exactly they got the image from. Somebody posted it and then shut their mouths, as far as I can tell. Either way, it be some cool fanart.

  5. /co/mrade /co/mrade

    think Imaishi and Gainax studios are fans of you

  6. ophelia ophelia

    The person who posted the image didn’t say where he got it from only that it was drawn by Hiroyuki Imaishi who is best known for being the director of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. This image is probably from one of his doujinshi magazines (which are self-published Japanese magazines/comics) and probably put one of his sketches.

    But personally I think it’s awesome, I knew that Nextwave had some Japanese fans but I never imagined that Hiroyuki was one of them.

  7. MS! MS!

    If I had to guess, and I don’t but I will, it’s from the Gainax Studios doujinshi thing Rakugaki Giga-Drill (Graffiti Giga-Drill), where Gainax folks, including Imaishi I suppose, draw stuff.


  8. Any Nextwave is better than no Nextwave.

  9. Russell Russell

    like the grooves in the gun barrel. along with the cleavage, it shows attention to detail =)

  10. Alex Alex

    Now I’m picturing a Nextwave anime done like Dead Leaves.
    I’m also creaming myself at the thought of just how awesome that would be.

  11. Illogic Illogic

    @Alex: Approved.

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