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Hillary Clinton Commits Political Suicide

We are about to see a live political evisceration like no other — Hillary Clinton, in full knowledge that there are bastards out there who have been waiting for her for years, is going to run for the Democratic Presidential nomination:

Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton has taken the first step towards running for the US presidency in 2008.
Ms Clinton, 59, wife of former president Bill, announced her move on her website, saying “I’m in to win”.

Ms Clinton said she planned to answer questions in web chats on three consecutive nights, starting on Monday.

Her announcement brings to five the number of Democratic presidential hopefuls.

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  1. Richard Richard

    I think she’s got the brain to do it, though I’m not sure how much of her soul has survived the last 10 to 15 years.

    Sadly, you’re right, she’ll get eaten alive.

    On another note: I love you Warren in an entirely unhealthy way but for the love of God, man, stop buggering about with the website!

  2. As far as I am concerned, she shot herself in the foot way back when she made her cookie baking comment about women who select to stay home to raise children. I’ve disliked her since that snotty episode and considered everything she has done since with that perspective.

    Then there is the matter of her fake marriage. I don’t trust a woman who’d do that sort of thing. It means nothing is sacred and she’ll do whatever it takes to fulfill her desires. We already have a president like that.

  3. Another two years, another election packed with pro-war candidates who all stand for the exact same things. Good times.

  4. Greg Greg

    Well, there goes the ’08 election.

    At least I have enough advance warning to renew my passport and flee to BeNeLux.

  5. fraction. fraction.

    i’m fuckin’ DYIN’ here

  6. It’d be interesting to see if an actual human being would ever be included on the official ticket. We went from Reagan-Bot to George HW “I’m not a pussy” Bush to Bill “I like the status quo but don’t tell the constitieunts” Clinton to Texan Satan.


  7. matt matt

    Hasn’t Obama thrown his hat in yet? He’s probably the one I look forward to seeing run

  8. John R John R

    I’ll never vote for her in the primaries. She supported (and even beat the drum for) the Iraq War and advocates other, lesser causes that stick in my craw (videogame censorship comes to mind).

    But on the other hand, perhaps the frenzied, bloated old bastards who hate her so vehemently will use up their energy trying to take her down, leaving the field clear for candidates like Obama, Edwards, and (possibly) Richardson.

  9. steelcaress steelcaress

    The “stay home and back cookies” remark had been made in response to presidental contender and uber-flake Jerry Brown’s accusation of conflicts of interest arising from the state of Arkansas’s relations with Hillary Clinton’s law firm, but it was consistently represented by the media as an affront to homemakers. Damn! Do you know that remark is about 15 years old? What a long time to hold a grudge!

    I’d vote for her. If Maggie Thatcher can hold her own in Britain, maybe Hill can do it here.

  10. steelcaress steelcaress

    er, that should be “bake cookies.”

  11. John R John R

    Oh, goody: “America’s Margaret Thatcher.” We need that about as much as an “America’s Vlad the Impaler.”

  12. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    “If Maggie Thatcher can hold her own in Britain” — see, right there, you demolish any credibility you may have gained for your internet-unusual abilities to spell and form sentences.

  13. The first female president needs to be a woman who doesn’t hate her own gender. I have quite a bit more information on Hillary than I can share here as it was given to me by former members of the secret service who worked on campaign detail for the Clintons. It is not pretty. And it establishes how much that comment is at the heart of what she believes. Somethings do not change. And this is one of those character flaws that doesn’t just go away.

    People don’t shed responsibility for their actions just because years go by. It’s why one should always take care with their choices. We are, after all, the sum total of what we have done.

    You may have laxed moralities and forgive people after so many years even if they do not display any change. I do not. I also take the first female president quite seriously.

    What is truly sad is that you have nothing better to do than run about the internet pretending to be intelligent while really picking fights so you can pat yourself on the back with your wisdom or witty verbal thrusts ratrher than actually contributing to a conversation.

    And – by the way – I am not a homemaker. In fact, I am quite the opposite. I found the comment offensive to feminism as represented by all the choices women can make for themselves.

  14. Yeah. I caught the bad spelling disease too. Disgust does that to my fingers.

  15. I just think the first female president needs to not be a coward. And there are quite a few of those in the American political system.

  16. mike mike

    what exactly is ‘quite the opposite’ of a homemaker? Hillary 2 win!!!!11!!

  17. I don’t care whether Hillary Clinton is a woman or not, or whether she thinks other women should be staying home to cook dinner. Clearly that’s an incredibly stupid thing for her to be saying, but its nothing compared to the fact Hillary Clinton is a 100% pro-war candidate. She voted yes on the patriot act, she voted yes for war in Afghanistan, and she voted yes for the war in Iraq, just like all the other Democrats who only get critical when its election season.

    The very idea that so many people (not just online but people I know offline too) would consider Hillary Clinton a good candidate (or even an electable candidate) is mind boggling to me.

    It’s the same with Kerry and Edwards and Obama. Nobody wants to change anything, even a little. The only Democrat out there that I’d vote for is Cynthia McKinney, and I’d vote for her twice. But she’s the crazy democrat because she opposed the wars before they started, before it was cool to speak against it, instead of waiting for election season like everybody else in congress.

    This is why Americans MUST start voting for third party and independent candidates. As long as we only vote for the big two parties, the two big parties will continue to screw and rob us without end.

  18. The thing with Hilary, is that everything that could be said has been said. There is no news, no suprises, everything from real facts to random slander has been broadcast, analyzed and placed back on the shelf.

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