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Ha Ha Fuck You People

Maybe you’ll think twice about going to public animal-torture events in future.

Video found for me by Ryan Keely, thanks.

EDITED TO ADD: While it apparently may not have been a “traditional” bullfight (the bull is only tormented by fuckwits in this particular event, people say), “the animal was removed using a crane and later killed.

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  1. Dom Dom

    Usually I just lurk and enjoy the posts, but this..? Just had to pop in to say FUCK YEAH!

  2. Eric Eric

    Something like this happened at the last Ms. America pageant. Miss South Dakota broke free of her handlers and gored three judges. It took thirty tranquilizer darts to bring her down.

  3. Fuck those people indeed.

  4. Jesus Jesus

    Given there is a 10 year old boy in very dire condition as a result I cant really muster the hate to say “Fuck those people” (the morality of taking your 10 year old boy to this kind of show is a separate issue).

    Also, this was not a corrida but some other kind of related show that doesnt have the same level of torture. Which may be the reason why the bull was strong enough to be a danger.

    All in all and as a Spaniard opposed to this, I hope this stupid fascination with torturing bulls disappears soon. Is a fucking national embarassment

  5. nomi nomi

    Oh no, that poor bull.

  6. Jesus Jesus

    To expand: it was a “concurso de recortadores”, which is basically “jump around the bull in acrobatic maneuvers and try to get as close to it as possible” without the “maiming it beforehand with a huge pike and smaller barbed hooks and all that bullshit”

  7. heh heh. sometimes the bull wins

  8. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    No, that’s still definitely Fuck You.

  9. Mr Shep Mr Shep

    It’s always cheering to see the underdog side punching above their weight in international sporting events.

  10. @Warren Ellis

    Yeah, agreed, this is a justified outcome I think. Something about messing with the bull and getting the horns comes to mind.

  11. Even if the bull isn’t being harmed physically in this kind of event, they are penned in an 8×8 cage all morning only to be released into a larger pen, where a bunch of capering jackasses run around swatting at them while a whole mass of chattering jackasses are leering and laughing. Stress positioning and public shaming are often lamented anecdotes of many Western detention centers and interrogation scenarios – Abu Gharab and Guantanamo specifically spring to mind – and are considered by many to be torture. Trying having someone lock you standing up in a metal cage for 4 hours, see how that feels.

    If anyone who goes walking in the woods is attacked by a wild animal – well you knew the risks once you stepped into the trees didn’t you. People lament it, but it was a possibility.

    Taking a 3000 lb animal known for sheer brute strength and lack of a calm demeanor under even the best circumstances, then stressing it out before throwing it into the middle of a couple thousand people is utter fucking stupidity.

  12. That bull is my hero.

  13. Dan Burk Dan Burk

    Maybe I’m just anthropomorphizing, but that bull should be honored as an inspiration to indentured slaves and incarcerated non-violent offenders everywhere. I wish I had known his name.

  14. It’s encierros when the bulls get tormented by fuckwits, typically a mob of drunken youths surround it and set fire to it’s horns and such. Compared to that the recortadores is like parkour with a bull. Anyone who watches a lone man somersaulting over a charging bull and isn’t impressed is a liar.

  15. Cryptorchild99 Cryptorchild99

    Man I could spend all day watching that … I think I almost did at work today … Maybe its my imagination and hopeful thinking but I could almost swear I see the 10 year old trampled …

  16. Ben Ben

    Power to the bull.

    I think if people can sit there and watch a bull get tortured they deserve the consequences of when the bull finally fights back.

  17. Cryptorchild99 Cryptorchild99

    @Ben If this was Facebook I would “like” the fuck out of your comment …

  18. Greg Greg

    Even if the goal isn’t to kill the bull, it still seems rather reckless. Basically provoking an animal until it unexpectedly charges into a crowd of people instead of at the provoker. Clearly without any system in place to prevent that, and no plan to counteract if it does happen.

    France does a similar version called Course Landaise, based on the old Minoan sport, but as far as I can tell they use cows instead of bulls and at least try to make sure the animal is as cared for as possible, including not using it for milking or food. Does the Spanish version even try the same?

    Regardless, the bull is still just an animal, and you can’t expect it to behave any different. No matter if physically hurt it or not, no matter how you expect the animal to behave, and no matter how much you anthropomorphise or revere it, if you stick it in a small pen for hours and then throw it into a stadium in front of a crowd of people, it’s going to act like an animal would.

    It doesn’t matter if you feel sorry for the bull or for the crowd, this was careless. You receive what you build upon, and more sense and decency should have been taken.

  19. Bull 1, Humans 0

  20. Love the moment when one dude grabs bull’s tail and “throws” him into crowd. Pure gold.

    Funny how they deal with such situation. There should be some guy with tranquilizer not just catch-a-bull game.

  21. Tadhg Tadhg

    BOVINE POWER! Rookie move Spain, rookie move.

  22. That should teach people a lesson :)
    Bullfights… some times i feel we’re still stuck in middle ages…

  23. Thomas Stonebridge Thomas Stonebridge

    @William Owen: Hear, hear.

  24. philfromgermany philfromgermany

    Tito Santana woulda took him. Sadly, I’m certain the meat was thrown away, ’cause there are enough steer in Slaughterhouse 5.

  25. baconjesus baconjesus

    This is why NASCAR has chainlink fences around the racetrack.

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