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GUN MACHINE Promoted Again At Barnes & Noble

Listen, if you’re in America, haven’t bought a copy of GUN MACHINE yet but intend to pick one up, there’s a thing. Barnes & Noble – GUN MACHINE was on their Best Sellers list all through January – are re-upping their promotion on the book. The book is going back on their New Releases tables from March 12 for about ten days. If you intend to buy one and don’t have a commitment elsewhere (like, a promised sale to an indie bookstore), it’d help me out if you bought one from B&N next week. It would certainly make my publisher very happy. In any case, I understand it’s quite unusual for a book to go back into the New Releases displays at this point in their cycle, so, you know, tell your friends or something…

(My publisher, Mulholland Books, would like to add that your relatives probably want copies, but they may not have mentioned it to you, so you should totally go ahead and buy them copies.  I do not know how my publisher knows this.  Perhaps they have special powers.  It may be best not to argue with them.)

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