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I sent a telegram to Moon Wiring Club, fine purveyors of (and coiners of the term) Confusing English Electronic Music, asking that they provide me a list of their six favourite new pieces of said music from the year. The following appeared on my laptop screen this afternoon in a puff of radiophonic phlogiston:

1. VHS HEAD ~ Trademark Ribbons of Gold

SKAM return from nothingness and release a spliced master-class in FUN electonica, fusing murky (yes) 80s VHS voiceovers/synth-action with a right weird ear, this must be light-years ahead of everyone else recycling Tangerine Dream. 2009’s ‘Video Club’ EP was fine, but this is something else entirely, and the reason I’ve been saying ‘Academy Award Winner ~ Academy Award Winner’ everyday for the past 2 months. Perhaps not everyone’s cuppa if you don’t have an taste for the partly party frenetic, but this is deeply wonderful stuff. And from Blackpool.

2. D D Denham ~ Electronic Music in the Classroom

DDD his risen from the grave to throw us this archived artefact. Using period instruments, techniques and glue, the fictional entity know as ‘Jon Brooks’ flexes his audio-chops and shows us all how he gained ‘Irrational Treasure’ status.   No one else ‘alive’ has the skills to create this download-only nicely sliced delight. You can tell it isn’t real because it’s just too good.   So good, the British Museum want it for their fancy cabinet of 21st century curiosities.

3. Broadcast and the Focus Group ~ Familiar Shapes and Noises

The bestest so far in the charming Ghost Box Study Series Sevens sees ‘Inside Out’ sprawling breakbeats and synth across wonky bells, spooky clavichord and an owd Joanna. Trish seems to be singing whilst wandering around a different record alogether, and an unknown voice keeps saying ‘Falling’ (or summat) in your right ear. Oh! What ever-more do you want? It’s Bob’s full house.

4. The Bug ~ Skeng (Autechre Dub)

Given away FREE via FACT this grotty nugget bewitched me for several weeks of non-stop festering rotation. Sounding like something left out by the bins and growing like a Krynoid of FUNK, it fused two sound-worlds into a tip-top vortex of grot.

5. Pye Corner Audio Transcription Services ~ Black Mill Tapes Vol.1

PCATS confused everyone with a stunning fizzy fuzzbag of authentic tape-mangling and top-notch gloomy atmospherics. The catchely titled ‘Electronic Rhythm Number Three’ and ‘Electronic Rhythm Number Eight’ gave us some marvellously mildewed but propelling, euphoric moments, whilst the assortment of murky-tape drones on offer were clearly dredged from local canal using ‘special techniques’.

6. The Hardy Tree ~ The Fields Lie Sleeping Underneath.

Oh! This charmingly picturesque puzzle-box is a lovely hand-crafted jewel of a thing. Very wistful and calming, this was this my soundtrack to stuffing large cardboard envelopes with more cardboard and I enjoyed every bloomin’ moment. The cd itself really is the most beautiful thing I’ve bought all year. An exceedingly complete delight!

On a non-CEEM TIP (?), I would be reet wrong to not mention AMAZING music from oOoOO, LA Vampires, Umberto, Washed Out, Madlib and Zola Jesus & totally tons of others. And from last year Fever Ray cast a rather large shadow. AND finally, for next year can we have some proper UK electro-murky-female-goth-hop-weird music PLEASE.

Moon Wiring Club’s new long player is the gloriously mental “A Spare Tabby At The Cat’s Wedding,” and you can learn more about that at this link here.

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