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Colleen returns to bring you a fantastic mix that she let me listen to a few days ago.

Today, I’m excited to unveil Nightvision‘s first ever guest mix from one of England’s most visionary emergent threats, Endless House Foundation. This audience may particularly appreciate not only its expansive electronic textures, but the transcendent ethos that governed their synthesis here. Dramatic Records‘ modern-day impresario ‘Jack Dramatic’ curated this kosmische collage for us on behalf of the wondrous, now-defunct Endless House collective. We adore it and think it provides a suitably cosmic contrast to the jarring blackout sounds of Nightvision’s own taster mix, ‘Enter The Void // Death Drone 001’, which we posted Monday. With EHF’s mix, we offer a second, more celestial portal into the Nightvision world, a hyperrealistic realm that, like Endless House itself, is often populated by incandescently eccentric guests.

In his 45 minute mix, Dramatic combines unusual external resources to transport us through the otherworldly circuitry of Endless House’s own kraut-saluting ethos. Though it ostensibly lives inside 2011, we think EH’s founder, the Czech svengali Jiri Kantor, and his mythical mid-Cold War electronic gentry — Rasmus Folk, Felix Uran, Walter Schnaffs et al — would feel at ease within the collage’s shapeshifting values. Constructs like time and location vanish into irrelevance, as a new frontier, a new solution emerges: the future past. This isn’t retro, it’s the re-imagining of something that almost was — and could be again.

If these lofty concepts and names sound fantastical and strange to you, they should, but rest assured that you’ll come to know what drives Jack Dramatic and his EHF brethren when time collapses during our first ever interview exclusive featuring The Endless House, which shall be our next post. We are clockstoppers here at Nightvision — one of our many other tricks.

For now, enjoy a glorious, nonlinear journey through spacey post-chronological sounds, the way Jack Dramatic (and we) like them. Take note of Omar Souleyman’s opening lament, the decades-fracturing Orson Welles broadcasts, the coruscating post-step prose from Egyptrixxx and ambient drone-hymns from Emeralds and Oneohtrix Never, as well as some murkily seductive synth treasures from John Maus and Endless House’s own Felix Uran.  We find this mix to be well-acclimated for travel (in its various forms).

Nomads that we are, we’ve played this a lot in the past few weeks. We think you’ll be doing the same — today, tomorrow, and when yesterday is today.

This is Nightvision. This is Dramatic Records on Twitter.

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