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Guardian Unlimited: Arts blog – books: Tough images: the problems of graphic crime novels

…For Warren Ellis, meanwhile, the answer is pacing. A case for Detective Richard Fell, star of Fell: Feral City, is always wrapped up within 16 pages, so the plots are packed in so tight they breathe an audible sigh of relief when you open the covers. But there’s still room for all the imagination and black humour that fans have come to expect from the writer of Transmetropolitan and Planetary, plus a demonic nun who deserves her own TV chat show.

Best new graphic novel: Ellis, like Bendis, is now best known for his Marvel superhero work. His Ultimate Galactus Trilogy, recently collected for the first time in an unwieldy 368-page hardback, is a work of such pure, relentless thrills that (as with Mary-Louise Parker, or the phrase “heist gone wrong”) my heart flutters at the very mention of its name.

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