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  1. steve o mac steve o mac

    now that is a truelly great moment in smoking! and what better way to celebrate her birthday :)

  2. Looking at her, she seems to be someone who has smoked all her life and getting a light from her 100th birthday cake candle is her way of kicking Death in the nonexistant testicles.

  3. versasovantare versasovantare

    I dare say she earned it, putting up with the world for a hundred years.

  4. I love you, Warren, I really do.

  5. Katrina Katrina

    You brits are so clever.

    Via Tobias Wong.

  6. This is fantastic…if only this was the status quo instead of cancer followed by painful death…talk about bad ass advertising ploy!

  7. All her presents were probably menthol mints and bottles of gin too I bet. I remember my great grandmother being a lot like that.

  8. heh.

    my great grandmother is 97, and smokes since, like, 1930. srsly.

  9. kit kit

    grandma nixon has smoked longer than you have been alive, hippie punk.

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