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GRAVEL Director Announced

It finally just broke on Deadline.  My old friend Tim Miller, a VFX genius (mostly recently lauded for the credits sequence he shot for GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO), has signed to direct GRAVEL for Legendary Pictures, based on the GRAVEL books I created, as published by Avatar Press.

Note that this film has writers who aren’t me.  I can’t say a lot more than that without giving some stuff away, but some of you will remember that the original plan was for me to write this film.  Plans changed and expanded, and I was working on other things both announced and rumoured during the initial process on this film.  My relationship with Legendary has grown since we made the initial deal a couple of years ago.  All is good.

And I’ve known Tim for years.  This is basically the best news.

Anyway, this is the end of what’s been a fairly demented day, so I’m just leaving this here, and saying that I’m happy, and will doubtless expand on it all at a later date.

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